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DEATH ANALYSIS: Tohru Adachi vs Yoshikage Kira (Guest starring LSwan62)


If there is one phrase to describe this DEATH BATTLE it would be this:

Ah good old Hiimdaisy quotes, anyway yeah it’s time to take a look at two serial killers but these aren’t your ordinary serial killers,oh know these are people that appear to be “gasp” normal.  Both these combatants are known to be somewhat modest and normal people basically you would not figure out that they were serial killers but underneath they are cold-hearted murderers with secrets that could make the Devil blush. Both have been secretly terrorizing sleepy countryside Japanese towns and both have to face off against a group of teenagers that has supernatural powers and i forgot to mention - one of these characters was inspired by the other i mean Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was the direction inspiration for Persona especially when regarding Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable and Persona 4 and with the release of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable i feel like it’s time to talk about this matchup. Tohru Adachi from Persona 4 and Yoshikage Kira from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable. I am the Gaming News Guy. Wait isn’t there someone i need to pick up.

Oh yeah as we head towards the sleepy town of Morioh i have a special guest with me and his name is Dio

Nah it’s actually LSwan - JoJo’s Bizarre Fan and he will be bringing his own opinions to the verdict.

It’s time to look at their weapons, armor, and skills to see who wins this DEATH BATTLE. Will Adachi show Yoshikage Kira who is the fool or will Yoshikage Kira be able to combust Adachi. Let’s find out.


Tohru Adachi:

Name:Tohru Adachi
Age: 27 (P4) 28 (P4AU)
Arcana: The Jester
P1 Grand Prix Title: The Egocentric Police Dick
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139lbs
Classification: Persona User
Occupation: Detective, Serial Killer
Persona: Magatsu Izanagi  
First Appearance: Persona 4 (2008)

Yoshikage Kira:

Name: Yoshikage Kira
Age: 33
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 143 lbs.
Classification: Stand User
Occupation: Serial Killer, Office Worker
Stand: Killer Queen
First Appearance: Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable (1992)
Theme: Yoshikage Kira's Theme (This is my favourite Yoshikage Kira Theme)


Tohru Adachi:

Tohru Adachi didn’t have a happy life before he came to Inaba, as a high school student he didn’t want to make any friends and abandoned such things as friendships and fun in order to spend all his time studying. As a university student he focused on trying to avoid others while becoming more disdainful of people. eventually an uncharacteristically neat and put together detective who seems pleased with his job. However despite all his hard work, he was often passed over despite his clearly recognized achievements while detectives who were younger and more talented are noticed and praised by others while Adachi got none of the praise.This was the start of Adachi’s dark turn as he began to realize that only talent can get you through life, while those without it are doomed to fail even if they work their hardest.Due to an incident he was forced to move to Inaba - one month before the protagonist of Persona 4 - Yu Narukami did.

Ryotaro Dojima one of the detectives in Inaba who is Yu Narukami’s Uncle befriended Adachi, believing that Adachi must have had a bad time in the city before coming here to Inaba. While at first Adachi fumbles not knowing much about Inaba starts to adjust and learn his way around the town.

At least your not a fool nor a clown

While on the job he is cheerful and is comic relief, at home he is more somber and depressed. His apartment is also meticulously neat and tidy, with basically no personal touche. He spends all his time at home alone, doing basically nothing besides drinking and watching TV,as he is too apathetic to bother with anything else. But one day everything changed. He saw Miss Yamano on the Midnight Channel during the peak of a certain rumor that was going about. This is the same night he discovered his powers for the first time which were given to him by Izanami; after being shocked to find the Midnight Channel was really real he tried touch the screen, at which point his hand went through. The next day he was tasked with helping Yamano, which is when he learned of her affair with Taro Namatame. Later Adachi confronted Miss Yamano and was planning to do certain things to her but accidently pushed her inside the TV. Realizing what he had done he enjoyed the power it gave to him.When Dojima’s Nephew Yu Narukami arrived  Adachi felt left out, he decided to take out his anger on one of the witnesses of the Miss Yamano Incident,Saki Kionshi .He decided it would best for her to get punished and like he did with Miss Yamano and pushed her into the TV.  

Yeah he’s a bit of a bastard

After taking a phone call from Taro Namatame, he manipulates him into putting people into the TV and “saving them”. So begins a cat and mouse game between Adachi,Taro and the Investigation Team. Taro and the IT not realizing who was the true culprit. When the Investigation Team finally catch Taro Namatame and rescue Nanako - Dojima’s daughter. Adachi tells the Investigation Team - Taro Namatame's room in the same hospital, and the group finds Namatame. The group is conflicted as some of them want to get revenge for what happened to Nanako but the decision is given to Yu. Should Yu not to kill Taro Namatame,the IT question Namatame. And it turns out that Taro did truly want tgo 'save' the victims, but was merely misdirected by Adachi. He “saved” Yukiko,Kanji, Rise, and Naoto, he did not kill Mayumi Yamano nor Saki Konishi who were the first two deaths in this case.

Yu with the help of his friends who is truly the mastermind. Yu and the IT trick Adachi into giving away his connection with the murders. Realizing he had finally been caught, Adachi runs away from them and enters the Midnight Channel in order to make his escape.Upon finding Adachi, the detective reveals the entire truth to the Investigation Team - that he was response for everything including Taro believing that throwing people inside the TV meant saving them. After going through a dungeon Adachi finally reveals his motivation. The Investigation Team refutes his claim and calls him out for being evil. Adachi’s temper begins to rise and the Investigation Team confront and beat him.

Yeah that ends well for him

Turns out that Adachi was Ameno-sagiri, who is the real mastermind and posses Aachi.After his defeat he asks the team why they didn’t kill. The Team killing him would  continue the cycle of death and destruction with a person dying and then showing up on the antennas. Surprised about their reasoning for not wanting to kill Adachi despite all the misery he caused. Adachi finally gives up and is arrested for his crimes.

Yoshikage Kira:

Yoshikage Kira’s life was average. He was born to an upper-middle class Kira family Japanese town of Morioh (no not Duwang). Growing up Yoshikage was not a stand out person actually he was extremely timid. If there is one thing that Yoshikage Kira hates it's to stand out in any way. As such he grew up not having any friends and was an antisocial person. Kira wasn’t dumb in anyway - actually he was extremely talented but due to his nature of not wanting to stand out he would always get bronze in well pretty much everything. He was very smart person for his age but due to not wanting to standout never tried to distinguish himself in class in any way noticeable. As he grew older this desire to not stand out still remained and despite being a very handsome person that a lot of women desired he never went out on dates or spend time with anyone - no friends, no girlfriends. He basically was a loner but it wasn’t due to laziness, oh now he was actually trying very hard - not to get noticed. All that Yoshikage Kira want was a quiet life.

But his quiet life soon changed when he gained a goal. I know what you must me thinking - how did he get that goal. Well during a trip with his family to Le Louvre in Paris (which i have visited and yes i have seen the Mona Lisa and no i did not get a boner from seeing it). As he stared at Mona Lisa and her Hands. It was truly a life changing experience. Probably for the first time..

Yes that is literally his backstory, he got a boner from the Mona Lisa. You may start realizing just how stupid that is.

He decided to change his life and what did he become. Maybe did he become a painter because of his love for Mona Lisa. Well you would be 100% wrong - nope he became a serial killer. It’s stuff like this that makes me love Jojo - the characters are so utterly bizarre. He wasn’t just a serial killer though - he was a serial killer with a hand fetish because serial killers with hand fetishes > serial killers. When his parents died, Yoshikage Kira was 21, the Kira estate and began his crusade for all the hands. Due to his desire not to stand out he got a decent white collar job and began his plans for his first murder. He brutally killed Sugimoto Reimi and her family and considering how Araki looovvess treating Dogs in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the dog was murdered because if you are dog in Jojo you are most likely going to die. He didn’t have his stand powers at the time so he did with a simple knife - because guns are not as classy as a knife. He managed to get away with his crimes but the stress that he accumulated thanks to not wanting to get caught led to another life changing event for him. He awakened his stand via a stand arrow from his father which awakened his stand - Killer Queen

Fun Fact: Killer Queen is one of my favourite Stand designs.

His Stand Killer Queen (which is of course a Queen Reference since Yoshikage Kira is a living Queen Reference). Lucky for him his stand perfectly suited to his life as a serial killer. For many years he got into a routine - killer young beautiful young women and have a quiet home life and i know what you must be thinking what did he do to these women? Do you really want to know the answer. After killing them he would cut off their hands and keep them for days doing simple things like talking to them and taking them out on dates because clearly Yoshikage Kira is a sane person. Throughout his life as a serial killer he ended up killing 48 young women so yes that means he had dated 48 Hands - at least he didn’t give a Handjob, ha get it. Oh you don’t get it well it doesn’t matter. During one of these dates he came across  Josuke Higashikata and his amazing friends.

Oh shit..

While having lunch in the park after buying from a sandwich shop, marveling the day, but hides the hand of his girlfriend. He overhears Shigekiyo Yangu arguing with Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu Nijimura about some cash. A Dog makes off with Shigechi's sandwich, causing Shigechi to mistake Kira's for his. Shigechi leaves and eventually Shigechi discovers the truth behind Kira and Shigechi tries to defeat Kira but fails and manages to kill Shigechi without much of a fight.However, Harvest manages to grab one of Kira's coat buttons and delivers it before he fully passes on. The button gets to Jotaro who tries to search for Yoshikage Kira and eventually with Koichi, Jotaro manages to corner them, Yoshikage Kira almost losses but at the very last minute he uses a Stand user to switch faces with a random guy on the street of similar build and height.He was no longer Yoshikage Kira, he was now Kawajiri Kosaku and unlike his past self he had a wife and child. In order to protect his identity - he holded himself back from killing but how long would that continue?


Tohru Adachi

Before the big reveal he was a  cheerful and jovial detective serving as the story's comic relief.  Adachi also often accidentally blurting out information to the Investigation Team.. However, this is all a facade for his true nature. His actions in public hide his insane desires. It turns out that the true mastermind behind the mysterious murders of Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi was Adachi. Once the Investigation Team figured out that Tohru Adachi was behind the murders he shows his true colors as a incredibly sadistic, misogynistic, misanthropic, and manipulative man, seeking to have fun with having remorse for his victims and all the people he has hurt. He had already guessed just how dangerous the world inside the TV was, and threw Yamano into it anyway because she cares nothing for . He manipulated Taro Namatame into "saving" the next victim before the “murderer could get to her”.

Is Adachi a cop? Is he a psychopath? Is he a dude with a cabbage fetish? He’s all three

He managed to hide the truth that he was behind the first two cases. He even got satisfaction for shoving Mitsuo Kubo into the TV. He believes that if everything was a game, and loved to watch the events to unfold. He doesn't not give a shit about the consequence of his actions.He hates the real world - seeing nothing of value in it as according to him it’s just . It was just "dull and annoying as hell" to him.

Is this the face of mercy to you

In Persona 4 Ultimax his wants to redeem himself for his mistakes and even after working with Sho he shows he’s willing to make sacrifices as he wants to destroy the Persona fragments. He has a great friendship with Uncle Dojima even though he won’t admit it out loud and despite his resentment towards Yu and Investigation Team he manages to work with Yu in order to defeat the main villain.

Yoshikage Kira:

Kira is a serial killer, and is extremely  egocentric and psychopathic to an almost absurd degree, and can be extremely obsessive-compulsive at times He is also a hand fetishist because when you think of Serial Killers, you think of guys who just looove women’s hands. If there is one thing that Yoshikage Kira truly longs for it’s a peaceful life, safe from any harm or worry and he will do literally anything in order to keep his peaceful life.Due to for his desire of a peaceful life he refuses to make himself stand out due to his desires for a peaceful life and it’s not due to a lack of talent - he is highly intelligent and possesses many talents but his desires prevent him on capitalizing on his talents,his OCD is so strong that he made it a point to never rank better than 3rd in any competition in order to make sure he doesn’t stand out.

I won’t let anyone disrupt my peaceful life

In order to make sure his quiet life is not interrupted he puts on a facade of a simple, humble salaryman, Kira is very normal. Honestly i would say he is the very definition of not normal due to the fact that he’s a serial killer. As a serial killer, he targets women but he doesn’t want any women..noo he wants women with beautiful hands. He does not care about the attractiveness of a women - only their hands. If that’s not messed up i don’t know what is. While his main OCD comes from the love of hands he also has other moments of OCDness. He needs to cut and measure his fingernails every month as well as fix his enemy’s inside-out sock even after he punch a whole through his chest.So yeah not the most saniest of individuals.

Yoshikage Kira = Genius Mathematician  

Still despite his OCDness is an extremely smart and resourceful individual able to not only calculate advanced mathematics in his head but also has managed to not been caught despite killing so many women over the years. While sometimes his demeanor is more like a spoiled brat than an adult as he has no concept of compassion and empathy he is a extremely resourceful individual that will do anything to preserve his quiet life.

Stand/Persona User Skills/Abilities:

Tohru Adachi:

Due to their nature as Persona Users. They  stronger, faster and tougher than the average human as despite being only human they have to face the dark sides of humanity known as Shadows and Adachi is no different.

Superhuman Strength: He is strong enough to damage Persona user such as Yu Narukami who has Town Level Durability as well as damage Aigis,Mitsuru in Persona 4 Ultimax who are Mountian Level Durability.

Superhuman Speed/Reflexes: Has Hypersonic Reaction speed as he managed to dodge natural lighting from Yu Narukami as well as fast enough to keep up with Yu who has been calculated to have supersonic speeds.

Superhuman Durability: He has survived being impaled by Sho as well as taken hints from all four of the Investigation Team Members who are all around about the same level (town level) and was completely fine

Persona and Shadowing Summoning: He can summon his Persona which is a dark form of Izanagi called Magatsu-Izanagi as well as summon Shadows to aid him such as the time he managed to summon the Shadow known as  Reaper to aid him.

Complete Spatial Manipulation: He has complete control over the TV World and can teleport objects as well as people and pretty much everything within the TV World.

Cunning Schemer: He managed to manipulate Taro Namatame as well as fool everyone into thinking that he was a nice guy. The only reason why he got caught in the
end was frankly due to complete luck

Skilled Marksman: Due to his time as a detective he knows how to shoot a target from several feet away.

Experienced Hand to Hand Combatant: Due to being a detective he is likely trained in CQC, he prefers using a  brawler style, with emphasis on grappling and being a master troll trap his enemy and fake them out. He is able to contend with professionally/formally trained fighters and martial artists like Akihiko Sanada and isn’t afraid to fight dirty - one of his moves involving kicking his foe in the crotch.

Yoshikage Kira:

Due to being a stand user, Yoshikage Kira is much tougher than your average human as he can take a far bit of punishment as well as inflicting it on his foes and that’s not even regarding his stand which we will talk about later.

Superhuman Strength: He is strong enough to beat the shit out of another Stand User without using his stand.

Superhuman Speed: While they are not that many instances of his speed, he is able to hide extremely quickly despite the limited amount of time.

Superhuman Durability: Yoshikage Kira can take a far bit of punishment - he survived a barrage from both Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum. As well as get shot on the chest and even get shot in the back by a shard of glass...twice

Stand Summoning:  He can summon his Stand Killer Queen with a thought which can be used to protect as well as hurt his enemies.

Master Chef: He managed to make a dinner that seriously impressed his cooking skills

Master of Puns: Like any good person he has mastered the art of making really good or bad be the judge.

Cunning Schemer: Despite killing women for over 15 years he never once been caught and with his fights against Josuke,Jotaro and Koichi he is extremely skilled at planning his next move to attack.

Master of Duwang: He has spawn a meme that has been on the internet and here it is in all of its Duwang Glory.

Rules for Personas:

There are several rules regarding Personas that need to be considered before we take a look at Adachi’s Persona:

-Personas and shadows are the same thing. A persona is just controlled and tamed shadow.

-Anything that physically happens to a persona is also felt by the persona user. But the user does not receive  injuries based on the damage their persona tanks in the fight

-Summoning a persona will take a mental toll on the persona user over time. This means that summoning a Persona requires concentration

-A persona can be manifested in short quick attacks

-The strength and endurance of a persona depends partially on the mental state of its user. This means that if the user is strong then the strength and endurance of their Persona will be much greater,

-Some Personas can revolved. Adachi’s is not one of them so we will not be talking about it

-When a persona tanks too much damage it becomes  “broken”. Breaking while very inconvenient for a Persona user isn’t that bad as the Persona can come back after a time.

-All personas have certain affinities and stats that determine what physical and elemental attacks cause damage or are completely immune to. For example Adachi’s Persona is resistant to Dark Type Attacks.

-The Affinities in the Persona series are, Fire, Ice, Wind, Electricity, Darkness, Light and physical.There is also Almighty which only a couple of Personas such as Adachi’s Persona can use.

-Persona users like Stand Users become Superhuman as a result of their Persona. This means that Adachi can tank hits far more than a normal human can take

-Each Persona has a “arcana”, for example Magatsu-Izanagi is the Hunger Arcana which is the reverse of the Fool Arcana.



Adachi's primary and only Persona, it is the corrupted version (so basically an evil twin) of protagonist Yu's Persona Izanagi. Magatsu Izanagi is  capable of slicing buildings with casual swings, and obliterated most of Yu's most powerful Persona in just a couple or attacks. It even destroyed the godlike Ameno-sagiri in one hit who is very easily Town Level if not higher. It even managed to destroy the big bad of Persona 4 Ultimax when combined with Izanagi. Do not underestimate this thing or you will be ripped to shreds.

Elemental Manipulation

Electric Manipulation: Like it’s good brother Izangai it specializes in electric based attacks which means that it can inflict electric based damage against a foe.It knows both Ziodyne and Maziodyne which inflict heavy electric based attacks to 1 foe and all foes respectively.

Wind Manipulation: It also specializes in wind based attacks. It knows both Garudyne and Magarudyne which inflict heavy wind based attacks to 1 foe and all foes respectively.

Physical/Almighty Attacks:

Magatsu-Izanagi uses its claws and a nagato in order to inflict physical damage to the enemy. He can also inflict Physical attacks which are basically attacks that deals physical damage. He also can inflict almighty damage to the enemy

Atom Smasher: Deals medium Phys damage to all foes 1x to 2x with a chance of Fear.

Vorpal Blade: Deals heavy Phys damage to all foes.

Calamity Seed: Multiple heavy Cut attacks per turn, for 3 turns

Silent Trust:.A heavy Stab attack

Megidolaon: Deals severe Almighty damage to all foes.

Power Up Moves/Status Inflicting Moves:

Power Charge: The next normal attack, physical skill, or Almighty physical attack will be 2.5 times greater in power.
Heat Riser: Increases Attack,Defense and Hit/Evasion Rate

Adachi can inflict Status Buffs to his enemies including:

Silence: Characters cannot use Personas
Fear: Fear forces opponents to withdraw from attacking,
Shock: Paralyzes/slows down enemies
Poison: Poisons the foe

He also has some moves that work with Status Buffs including:
Ghastly Wail: This move kills any target suffering with Fear


Elemental Resistance: Adachi absorbs Fire,Ice,Electric,Wind attacks.
Resisting Light and Dark: Adachi has a reduced chance of being inflicting by dark and light attacks.

Super Moves:

Magatsu Mandala

Magatsu Izanagi creates a red vortex. If the attack hits, the opponent will be sucked into the vortex and they will be thrown up to the air.

Adachi’s Instant Kill

Yomi Drop

Sweet Dreams…

Adachi summons Magatsu Izanagi. Magatsu Izanagi drags the opponent down to Magatsu Inabu and then presides to slice them in half. Magatsu Izanagi then reappears with Adachi and the two disappear into the fog.


Unlike other Persona Users, Adachi can ally himself with Shadows which do his bidding as shown through Persona 4: The Animation.We don’t if Adachi can summon other Shadows but he definitely can summon one of the most feared infamous boss characters in the series as his personal foot soldier.

Unless you are a very powerful Persona User DO NOT try and fight this thing It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And does not stop, ever, until you are dead.So here’s some advice from The Gaming News Guy. RUN!!!

Physical Attacks:

  • Vile Assault: Deals heavy Phys damage to 1 foe. Bonus damage to foes that are knocked down
  • Myriad Arrows: Deals heavy Phys damage to all foes 1x to 3x.
  • Vorpal Blade: Deals Heavy Damage to all foes

Electric Manipulation: Like it’s good brother Izangai it specializes in electric based attacks which means that it can inflict electric based damage against a foe.It knows both Ziodyne and Maziodyne which inflict heavy electric based attacks to 1 foe and all foes respectively.

Wind Manipulation: It also specializes in wind based attacks. It knows both Garudyne and Magarudyne which inflict heavy wind based attacks to 1 foe and all foes respectively.

Fire Manipulation: It also specializes in fire based attacks. It knows both Agidyne and Maragidyne which inflict heavy fire based attacks to 1 foe and all foes respectively

Ice Manipulation: It also specializes in ice based attack. It knows both Bufudyne and Mabufudyne which inflicts ice based attacks to 1 foe or all foes respectively.

Almighty Attacks: Reaper can inflict Megidola and Megidolan which inflicts heavy and severe almighty damage to all foes.

Mind Charge: Stat boost to magic attacks, becomes 2.5 greater

Light Manipulation: Reaper can inflict Hamaeon and Mahameon. Mahamaeon has 50% chance of instant death on a foe with the power of light

Dark Manipulation: Reaper can inflict Mudoon and Mamudoon. Mamudoon has 50% chance of instant on a foe with the power of dark.

Elemental Break: Nullifies fire,ice,wind and electric resistance for 3 drains.

Life Drain/Spirit Drain: Drains 30 HP and 30 SP from one foe

Life Leech: Drains a large amount of HP from one foe.

Rules to a Stand:

For those who don’t know Stands are spirit bodyguards with superpowers  that will stand by their users and protect them..for the most part.There are numerous rules for Stands.

All of this will become relevant when we get into Killer Queen’s powers and abilities. Stands give their users increased speed,strength, durability as well as they can be used as a separate pair of eyes and ears for their users. Stands also give their users the ability of flight. While Kira himself has not demonstrated this power - other users such as RPS Kid, Star Platinum, The World and Heaven’s Door have demonstrated this ability so it’s fair to give Yoshikage Kira this ability. Stand users are also invisible to non Stand Users but since Personas work very similar to stands Adachi would probably be able to see Killer Queen. Now we have had the breakfast it’s time to get onto the main course - How powerful is Killer Queen, let’s find out.

Killer Queen:

This is Yoshikage Kira’s Stand - Killer Queen and yes it is a Queen Reference which makes sense as why Yoshikage Kira borrows from the late David Bowie’s appearance his stand as well as other abilities Killer Queen has are all borrowed from Queen and considering how i am a big fan of Queen that makes me very happy. Even without its special power which i will get into later Killer Queen is still extremely strong by Stand standards which is appropriate because Crazy Diamond is also extremely overpowered. Even without using it’s ability Killer Queen is able to block other Stand Users attacks and hit them back. It is also to fight on an even playfield against Josuke's Crazy Diamond as well as block attacks from Crazy Diamond who is more powerful then Echoes. It can even punch through a human body...ouch and that’s not even getting into Killer Queen’s main ability which is well turning people into bombs. Allow me to explain.

Bomb 1 - Bomb Transmutation:

Killer Queen main ability is turn anything and everything it touches into a bomb. It can turn pretty much anything into a bomb including: a doorknob, money, A school uniform, an entire person,tiny rocks,He has such precise control over his bombs that he can turn the air in his veins into a bomb. He can kill an entire person but just simply touching them. He also posses extremely control over Killer Queen as he can control the explosion size. All Killer Queen needs to do is touch something and then Kira can denote by pressing his finger down but that’s also one of its big weaknesses as if his hand is not able to press down aka it’s broken then his bomb is useless. Here’s the truly scary thing about his Bomb Transmutation, when a bomb activates the objects atomized, leaving no traces meaning even if you have high durability because you're going to die and if you think that’s overpowered wait till you see his other abilities.

Bomb 2 - Sheer Heart Attack:

Yoshikage Kira also has a secondary bomb called Sheer Heart Attack and i know what you must be thinking - it can’t be as power as KQ’s Bomb Transmutation. Well prepared to get your mind blown..heh. It may look small but underestimate it and you will die. Basically what Sheer Heart Attacks does is that the bomb detaches from Killer Queen's left hand meaning when Sheer Heart Attack is activate KQ cannot use its left hand and you know what’s even worse - it has tank treads meaning that it can go through any surface and seek you out and explode.

Sheer Heart Attacks is completely autonomous meaning it can attack foes even without Kira’s command, with an unlimited range. It seeks out whatever the warmest thing in the area is, then creates an explosion with the power of the attack being proportional to the heat of the target. This is its biggest strength but also it’s biggest weakness. It means that it will never stop pursuing you unless you emit no heat, but it also means it will follow a target that has bigger heat signature then you which you can use to its advantage.The body of Sheer Heart Attack is totally indestructible even Star Platinum's punches weren't able to destroy it completely. The best thing you can do against it is slow it down.So yeah if you see Sheer Heart Attack come your way..just run i mean it won’t do a damn thing and considering in order to complete atmotize someone you need 53.61 MT of energy (thanks Swan). Yeah if you encounter it you will end up being turned into Michael Bay’s one true love, an explosion.

Bite the Dust:

Now we get to the fun stuff, Killer Queen has one more ability we need to talk about and yes it’s a Queen reference as always. Every JoJo villian post Part 2 and pre Part 7 has a power that is related towards time - Dio Brando can stop time, Diavolo can skip time (how does it even work) and Enrico Pucci can accelerate time so what can Yoshikage Kira do. Well quite simply he reverses time. Yoshikage Kira got this ability when Yoshihiro Kira's Stand-creating Arrow pierced him a second time.The first time he got pierced by the arrow he received his power and the second time he was stabbed he wanted to prevent anyone from knowing his true identify and thus Kira was given the ability to reverse time. So how does it work you may ask, well Bite the Dust.

This bomb appears as a miniature form of Killer Queen that hides within the person Bite the Dust has been planted on. Like Sheer Heart Attack it acts completely independently of Kira's will, Bite the Dust only manifests when the bomb is triggered.

In this example it was planted on  Hayato Kawajiri. When someone asks Hayato about Kira, the bomb enters their field of vision, along with their eye; before creating a internal explosion that consumes the target.

Then it creates a temporal loop until Kira finds out who the bomb killed. The time loop can be one hour to one day earlier. Due to the fact that Bite the Dusts acts without direction from Kira, he does not know who was killed by Bite the Dust and thus is not aware of the time loop. The only person who remains aware of what has happened and knows about the time loop is trigger - the person that Bite the Dust was planned on.Due to the the time loop, everything that happened in the previous loop happens again. Even if the victim does nothing, Bites the Dust will still kill them at the time that he was killed before. Only when Kira is confident about who was murdered by the bomb will he let time flow normally and stop the loop meaning that the person Kira killed will be dead.

There is one particular rule with this stand is that the person on whom this bomb is planted needs to be alive in order to activate the bomb.Due to this Bites the Dust will not harm the person in anyway when it comes off. Bite the Dust also prevents the person from being harmed by other people or himself such as the time.Killer Queen prevented Hayato from slitting his own throat with a knife in order to stop more people from dying. Bite the Dust also seems to be able to revive people after death due to the fact that Hayato was alive even after Kira accidently killed him in the bathtub.

There is one big weakness when regarding Bite the Dust. He can not use more than one bomb at a time meaning in order to turn people into bombs or use his air bombs he must first cancel Bite the Dust. Another weakness that it works on non stand users such as Hayato.

So that’s Bite the Dust, while it is not that useful in combat situations it is still very powerful for Kira as he allows to kill his enemies without doing anything.While i don’t think Yoshikage Kira would be able to use Bite the Dust in DEATH BATTLE it’s still one of his most useful abilities due to his lifestyle  
Stray Cat:

Fun Fact: Many of the JoJo characters have a certain animal that is correlated to them. For example Funny Valentine’s animal is a Rabbit while Kira’s is a cat and of course he has a pet cat - who is also a flower. I know what you are thinking, how the hell can that happened. Well he has a cat-flower - before you leave let me explain.. Before he gained Bite the Dust Kira’s “wife” killed a stray cat.When the cat was buried it was reincarnated into a flower and thus became a weird cat-flower hybrid and of course it has a stand ability: the ability to fire bubbles of air. Kira had a feeling that he would use it in the future so he kept it in storage and of course Kira used it against Josuke in the final battle of Diamond is Unbreakable.

Stray Cat is stored in Killer Queen’s stomach which allows it to produce air bubbles. In conjunction with Stray Cat, Killer Queen can turn this air bubbles into o invisible, floating bombs and if you know anything about bombs - that’s just plain terrifying. Due to Killer Queen’s bomb transformation Kira can make these bombs explode at a long distance. As long as Kira has a line of sight - he can detonate the air bubbles remotely or on impact. Due to Kira’s intelligence he is able to predict the movement of his foes and calculate what time he needs to make the air bubbles explode. If that’s not a fighting power i don’t know what is. It’s only weakness that it requires sunlight to remain function so if someone manages to remove Stray Cat from Killer Queen then it will become useless.

Tohru Adachi

All Persona Users share one weakness - all of their greatest attacks cost mana, or "SP." While it can be refilled - if Persona 4 Arena and its sequel can be trusted overtime the more one lands enough magic based hits the more it leaves Adachi open as he does not have the SP to access his best spells during combat.Another weakness is that he is insanely arrogant, he sees everyone else below himself and thus he is very much capable of underestimating his foes which has lead to his defeat by Yu Narukami and the other Investigation Team Members, this also ties into another weakness - he does not take battles seriously and never fights at his best due to this reason as he sees no reason to due to his laziness and his unwillingness to put effort in. Also his Persona can be destroyed - while he can make it appear again it takes a while and due to the fact that he is so reliant on his Persona this can lead him wide open to attack.

Yoshikage Kira:

Kira like most JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Villains have their fair share of weakness.First if he activates his bombs close them him then he is under risk of taking damage as shown with when Josuke was right next to him he refused to use his ability due to the risk. Killer Queen while extremely fast and is very powerful thanks to his bombs lacks in durability as shown by the fact that Crazy Diamond vs Killer Queen in a fist fight he managed to damage Killer Queen and Kira with one punch.Kira himself while superhuman thanks to Killer Queen he is still a normal human meaning that he can be killed through human means such as a bullet to a head or an ambulance crushing his skull (ha). KQ can only set and activate one bomb which makes using Bite the Dust difficult as he can’t activate multiple bombs at a time. SHA can be tricked if the enemy has a colder heat signature then anything in the near area and Stray Cat can be rendered useless if removed from Kira. Kira is arrogant and suffers from being narcissistic personality. This had lead to him underestimating his foes such as Josuke,Koichi.

Tohru Adachi

Overall Feats:

  • Managed to outsmart the Investigation Team which consisted of a genius detective and was only caught due to one slip-up
  • While he wasn’t as strong in Persona 4 he became one of the strongest l Persona Users in subsequent sequels such as Persona 4 Ultimax
  • In Persona 4 The Animation: Managed to control the dangerous Shadows called , nearly killed protagonist Yu Narukami
  • In Persona 4 Golden The Animation: Destroyed most of Yu's strongest Personas despite them easily being Town Level in destructive capability
  • In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Destroyed an army of Shadows, tag-teamed with Yu to defeat the Big Bad
  • Is strong enough to clash with Investigation Team’s strongest member which is Yu Narukami
  • Come Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, he can:
  • Fight off all the Investigation Team members...
  • Including the Shadow Operatives who are very easily Mountain Level
  • Go toe to toe with highly advanced Persona/Shadow-using combat android despite them being specifically trained for combat.
  • And the denizens of the Velvet Room like Elizabeth and Margaret who are Continent Level in DC

Strength Feats:
  • His Persona is strong enough to effortlessly destroy buildings with ease with one slice.
  • His Persona is strong enough to damage Yu’s Personas
  • Is able to damage SEES members who have Mountain Level Durability
  • Was strong enough to fight the denizens of the Velvet Room such as Margaret and Elizabeth who are Continent Level easily

Speed/Reaction Feats:
  • Is fast enough to keep up with the likes of Izanagi, Jiraiya and all the Investigation Team’s Personas which are Supersonic +
  • Is fast enough to dodge automatic fire from Aigis
  • Has Hypersonic + Reaction scaling with other Persona characters such as Mitsuru.
  • Is fast enough to keep up with the SEES,Elizabeth and Margaret

Durability Feats:
  • Tanks attacks from Investigation Team Members,SEES and members of the Velvet Room
  • Has been stabbed,shot and yet still lived
  • Managed to tank blows from 4 members of the Investigation Team which have Town Level DC and yet still lived
  • Survived a beatdown by Yu “Swag Lord” Narukami

Yoshikage Kira

Overall Feats:

  • Managed to keep himself hidden from the authorities for several years
  • Successfully managed to be a serial killer who has been secretly operating in Morioh for nearly 20 years
  • Killer Queen is strong enough to fight Star Platinum
  • Killer Queen managed to match Crazy Diamond blow for blow
  • Almost killed Jotaro and Koichi - both would have died if Josuke didn’t heal them
  • Almost killed Okuyasu
  • Actually managed to kill Shigechi
  • Thanks to Bite the Dust killed Jotaro,Josuke,Koichi and Rohan until he was prevented by Hayato
  • Was able to badly injure Jotaro Kujo despite Jotaro’s ability of time stop
  • Even after his death, his spirit was so strong that he became a ghost and sort of became a ghost detective but knew nothing of his past life

Strength Feats:
  • Was able to injury Star Platinum who has Multi City Block Durability
  • Managed to injure Crazy Diamond with Killer Queen
  • Killer Queen is strong enough to punch a hole through a person with one punch
Speed Feats:
  • Killer Queen is FTL
  • Is able to quickly run and hide without anyone noticing
  • Killer Queen is fast enough to keep up with Crazy Diamond
  • Was able to blitz Star Platinum
  • Bites the Dust is the Speed of Light
Durability Feats:
  • Survives a shot to his chest from Stray Cat
  • Takes a hit to the face from Crazy Diamond
  • Taking two glass shards to the back
  • Survives a barrage of hits by Crazy Diamond
  • Survived a time-stop barrage from a Bloodlusted Star Platinum

Tohru Adachi:

Real Name: Tohru Adachi
Age: 27,28 (P4U)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 63 kg
Destructive Capacity:  At least Town level (Can damage Yu Narukami and the others member of the Investigation Team; can create and control an area that is as wide as a town)
Speed: Supersonic+ (Scales to Yu Narukami) with Massively Hypersonic reactions (Can dodge natural lightning fired by Yu’s Persona)
Durability:  Town level+ (Tanked blows from 4 members of the Investigation Team who are easily town level at the same time)

Powers and Abilities:
  • Superhuman base stats as he is a Persona User
  • A Persona who is stronger then him and also protects him against attacks from foes
  • Can inflict high level Elemental Attacks against a foe
  • Can inflict foe with status ailments
  • Can summon Shadows to aide him in combat
  • Highly skilled and trained Police Officer who has been trained in CQC
  • Skilled Marksman
  • Can Drop Pepole in the TV World
  • Has complete control of the TV World
  • Extremely intelligent, resourceful. He is an excellent tactician and strategist as he managed to outwit the Investigation Team
  • Has become a fan favourite character in the Persona Series so his greatest strength is his popularity
  • Cabbages


  • Egocentric, narcissistic, and arrogant;
  • Extremely Lazy
  • His Persona can be broken
  • His more advanced magic attacks costs high amount of SP
  • Yomi Drop is very slow
  • Limited experience in using his Persona
  • Bitches and Whores

What's the difference between that and a criminal who gets his kicks by murdering people? You see what I'm getting at? There's still a lot of time left. Give it some thought."

Yoshikage Kira:

Real Name: Kira Yoshikage
Age: 33
Height: 5’9”
Weight: (65 kg)
Destructive Capacity: Multi-City Block level+ with Killer Queen’s punchs (Killer Queen kept up with Crazy Diamond in combat). His Stand  can ignore durability by atomizing via bombs
Speed:Superhuman for Kira,  FTL to MFTL (fought evenly with Crazy Diamond and managed to  Star Platinum who is FTL thanks to Silver Chariot).
Durability: Multi-City Block level+ (He survived a barrage of punches from Star Platinum. This was during a time-stop by the way)

Powers and Abilities:

  • Is Superhuman thanks to being a Stand user
  • His Stand is able to not only do damage but protect himself against any foes
  • Can turn anyone and anything into a bomb. If he detonates the bomb the foe becomes atomized
  • Sheer Heart Attack is basically a , nigh-indestructible tank that is almost impossible to defeat and will blow foes up
  • Has time based manipulation as he can reset time with Another One Bites the Dust
  • Stray Cat gives him the ability to fire Bombs made out of Air
  • Yoshikage Kira is extremely intelligent, resourceful and managed to evade capture for over 20 years
  • When he became a Ghost he got the abilities of Ghosts including defying the laws of physics and walking through walls


  • Extremely Arrogant
  • Will lose his cool if his plans don’t work
  • Yoshikage Kira is only human and thus can be killed through human needs
  • If his hands are broken then his bombs are useless
  • KQ can only set and activate one bomb at a time
  • SHA can be tricked if you know what it’s weakness
  • Believes too much in his own luck

Up until now, Kira Yoshikage has overcome every danger he's ever been faced with. He'll keep getting away, trust me…
The Verdict:
Now it’s time for the verdict with special guest Official DEATH Battle Blog Member LSwan

The Gaming News Guy

Hmm, so who wins in the battle of the Serial Killers, well you may think that Tohru Adachi has this in the bag due to the fact his persona has more destructive capability then Yoshikage and in comparison to Killer Queen, Magatsu-Izanagi is much more durable than Killer Queen. Plus he is more experience in combat that Yoshikage Kira as he is a trained detective and has been in more fights then Yoshikage Kira. Plus he has complete control over the Shadow World and has a very diverse moveset. So you may think that Adachi has this in the bag...well you would be absolutely...WRONG!!! Yep i think that Yoshikage Kira has this in the bag and let me explain why in detail.
The first is destructive ranged attacks  - while it’s true that Adachi has both electric skills and wind skills at his side allowing him to do a pretty good damage from afar but here’s the thing - fighting from afar against Yoshikage Kira is a death sentence because of the air bombs. While they may be small, they are very hard to see so even if Adachi keeps Yoshikage Kira at a distance he is still going to have trouble since Kira can sneak in a air bomb and well blow him to bits. Plus there is Sheer Heart Attack which will not be destroyed by Adachi’s attacks. Kira can just simply use Sheer Heart Attack to go in and kill Adachi without even using the powers of Stray Cat.
But what about Close Quarters Combat, well again Killer Queen has this in the bag. While Magatsu-Izanagi's nagato does allow him more range than Killer Queen’s fists. Killer Queen can punch at FTL speeds meaning that he is going to overpower Magatsu-Izanagi despite it being much more vicious and ruthless then the two. While Magatsu-Izanagi is wild and unfocused often using strong strikes rather than precise strikes. Killer Queen can use it’s speed to its advantage and overpower it at close range. Plus going close range against a guy who can make people explode by simply touching them is a great plan...for getting you killed. Plus if Adachi’s Persona takes enough hits it can’t be used for a period of time. This period of time gives Yoshikage Kira more than enough time to destroy Adachi before his Persona can be summoned again.
I know what you are thinking, what about Tohru Adachi’s Status Ailments. While it’s true Adachi can cause Yoshikage Kira poison,sleep,etc. Those moves work at a very short range and are unreliable in combat as Yoshikage Kira won’t just be staying it one spot. He will be moving around waiting for his opportunity to strike. While Adachi can buff his attack,defense,hit/evasion rate it will not do much against a guy whose bombs ignore durability. Despite Adachi’s Persona having stronger defense than Killer Queen it won’t mean much in the long run.
“Is there any way for Adachi to win?” Well yes, based on my research i believe if Adachi manages to get Yoshikage Kira in the Shadow World then he can win. Not only does he have Reapers under his control which are extremely powerful and in groups are more than capable of destroying Yoshikage Kira at range but Adachi also has complete control over the Shadow World meaning Adachi can simply change the environment and ware Yoshikage Kira with endless hordes of Reapers. Plus since this is the Shadow World and when people enter the TV they face their Shadows (What would Shadow Yoshikage Kira) which makes it even more difficult for Kira to survive. Plus he has no way of getting out while Adachi does, so you may ask - if i think that Adachi beats Kira in the Shadow World then why do i think Adachi does not win well the real world infected by the fog is not the Shadow World and Adachi has no control over it so in order to take Kira into the Shadow World he needs to do 1 of the 2 things.
  1. Throw Kira inside the TV
  2. Use Yomi Drop
Throwing Kira inside a TV would be impractical as all hell and would be impossible but what about Yomi Drop well here’s the thing about it. Yomi Drop has a looonngg start in and can be very easily avoided by simply jumping. Yoshikage Kira is not a dumb person and would see Yomi Drop coming from a mile away and it is very easily to avoid meaning that both methods for getting Kira in the TV World are moot. Meaning Adachi and Kira would be fighting in an area where Adachi can’t summon Shadows and has no control over.
While Bite the Dust is not that useful in a combat situation it can still be used as a way of killing Adachi as he can just plant the bomb in Hayato and use that to kill Adachi before the fight even starts. While Yoshikage Kira lacks variety he more then makes for it when it comes to the DC of his bombs and the speed of the punches that Killer Queen can inflict on an enemy compared with Adachi’s electric and wind manipulation,status ailments and vicious fighting style in combat.
Then there is training and experience, while it’s true that Adachi is more professionally trained in hand to hand combat than Yoshikage Kira as he is a police officer and as such was trained in combat and Adachi does have more experience then Yoshikage Kira his win/loss record is bad at best and terrible and worst. Yoshikage Kira may not have a great win/loss record but at least he managed to almost kill two of his enemies. Adachi came close to killing Yu but lost to Yu in the end and the Investigation Team Members. Even in Ultimax he loses a lot of fights and is almost killed until Yu has to come in to save him. Yoshikage Kira would have gotten away with killing Jotaro and Koichi if it wasn’t for Josuke.
Finally there is intelligence, while Adachi is very intelligent he is nowhere near the levels of Kira who managed to escape capture for over 20 years and almost defeated Josuke and the crew. The only reason why he didn’t win in the end is because he underestimated Josuke and got his hands broken. While Kira does underestimate his foes it is nowhere near as bad as Adachi who could have easily killed Yu and crew but didn’t due to his personality and wanting it to be more fun. Adachi’s more deranged and lazy personality will eventually get the better of him when going up against Yoshikage.
Overall, Yoshikage Kira is the victor of this fight. Killer Queen is simply too strong a stand for Adachi to content with. While there are ways that Adachi could defeat Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen, they are far less than the ways Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen can kill Adachi. Despite Adachi’s bigger DC and durability it’s not going to do much against a stand that can punch faster than light and has the ability to transform anything into a bomb. While i love both of these characters i do have to pick one and in my mind Yoshikage Kira would beat Tohru Adachi in a fight.

Despite the fact that Kira is potentially my favorite Jojo character (just look at my current avvie), he really does have the advantage in this fight, and for some of the same reasons you normally hear in Jojo fights, namely speed and hax. Scaling off of Crazy Diamond (who IS faster, but not by enough to not still be in the ballpark of lightspeed), Kira and Killer Queen are way faster, and with the ability to turn anything into a bomb, he has a safe OHKO ability that’s something he’d start off using. Remember, KQ’s ability isn’t a destructive capacity feat, it’s transmutation. It wouldn’t matter if Adachi were a billion times tougher, if he doesn’t have transmutation resistance hax, and he doesn’t, he isn’t surviving a tap from KQ. Adachi’s more powerful, though, so the question becomes: who’s more likely to get their attack off first? And obviously, that’s Kira. In fact, with the recent town level upgrade to Star Platinum (and everyone Star Platinum has wailed on, i.e. Kira), I’m not even sure how much of a gap in DC and Durability there is any more. Adachi has a range advantage, but that’s pretty quickly nullified by Stray Cat and Sheer Heart Attack. Another One Bites the Dust is pretty useless, though. It’d work, obviously, but if Kira could prime Adachi with Bites the Dust, why wouldn’t he just turn him into a regular bomb? The former restarts the fight, while the latter ends it. Besides using it on a Persona to reset time if he were injured, it just doesn’t have that much of a place in a 1 on 1 fight. That’s not a disadvantage, though, just part of his arsenal that isn’t that useful. Anyways, like I said, Kira’s just better off in the fight, so I’d go with him.

Looks like Adachi is going to Bite the Dust

The Winner is Yoshikage Kira

Thank you for LSwan for his view on Yoshikage Kira vs Tohru Adachi and thank you Electricstar for the image you are provided but most of you i thank all of you who read my blogs and post such kinda comments.I may or may not be taking a break from making DB Blogs since i have school exams coming up and i am going through a very busy period of my life but trust me - i will be back, maybe i will tackle more popular matchups but for now.

This is The Gaming News Guy signing out