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DEATH ANALYSIS: Cole McGrath from Infamous Series vs Alex Mercer from Prototype Series


The Sandbox Superhero someone who grew up with Spider-Man i have an attachment to this genre as it’s fun just to swing around and cause some fun but sadly after Spider-Man 2 the amount of Sandbox Supergames were low and it seemed that Spider-Man 2 would never be topped in this genre but in 2009 everything changed when not one but two superhero Sandbox games were released to the public and both got critical and commercial acclaim. They were both released competing consoles of the 360 and the PS3. Both were low-key, dark, gritty and sandbox superhero games that encouraged players to choose between the paths of superhero and supervillain and both have really fun combat and were inspired by comic books. For those who don’t know those games were [PROTOTYPE] and inFamous.After the release of both Prototype and Infamous naturally there were comparisons between the two - which one was the better game Prototype or Infamous but that’s wasn’t the only comparison that came about - which of the two protagonists would win - Cole McGrath the Electrical Conduit who pusses electricity to an almost absurd level and personality is one of my favorite characters in gaming or the living super-weapon who is a bringer of death to everything he comes across - Alex Mercer. People have been wanting to know who would win this DEATH BATTLE and you know what i think it’s time i settle this debate. It’s time to look at their weapons, armor, and skills to see who wins this DEATH BATTLE. Will Cole McGrath give Alex Mercer a shocking experience or will Alex Mercer show why he is the true infamous hero. Let’s find out. Before we start i would like to same some thanks - THANK YOU Kirby Kid for helping with the Cole McGrath section of this blog - this blog would probably have taken a lot longer if i wasn’t for your help, Thanks.Also thank you BerialEdge, LousyTactian,D180 and ShadMorgan for encouraging me during a bad time. Thank you so much. Also i will be sticking to the Canon Version of Cole aka Good Cole so no Beast,Fire or Vampire Powers


Name: Cole MacGrath

Also Known As: Kessler, The Electric Man

Origin: Infamous

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Date of Birth: 1985

Height: 6’0

Weight: 170lbs

Profession: Bike Courier (Formerly)

Species: Human/Conduit

Classification: Conduit

Status: Deceased (Good/Canon Timeline), Alive (Evil Timeline)


Name: Alexander J. Mercer
Also Known As: Zeus,The Prototype
Origin: Prototype
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, probably in his 30's
Date of Birth: July 16th 1979
Height: 5'9 (1.78 cm)
Weight: 78 kg (171 lb)
Profession: Head of Gentek Research Project (Former)
Species: Infected/Human
Classification: Prototype/Zeus
Status: Deceased (Killed by James Heller)

Cole MacGrath

Cole MacGrath was just a regular bike messenger, delivering a package to an unknown person. This package, however, was a bomb known as the Ray Sphere that exploded leading to the destruction of 5 square blocks of a city, with Cole in the middle of it all. After finding his way to medics and nearly dying, Cole soon found out he had the power of Electrokinesis, the power to control electricity, and was a “Conduit”, a term used for people with powers unlocked by the Ray Sphere. After working with secret government agencies, claimed to have been a terrorist for what had happened to the city, being backstabbed by his best friend and fighting his douchy future self, Cole gets a vision of the future from his future self, showing a beast hell bent on destroying everything in its path. It’s then revealed that everything that led up to this point was because of Cole’s future self, killing the woman he loved and countless other people to make Cole into the person who would change the world for the better. Cole prepares himself for the battle with the Beast
As you would’ve probably guessed, Cole eventually meets the beast, only to get his ass kicked and his powers screwed up and retreat to the city of New Marais so he can get new powers and skills to fight the beast again.

After working with yet ANOTHER secret government agency, dealing with the outbreak and meeting new allies such as: Laroche, leader of an anti-militia resistance group, and Nix, a Conduit who uses fire based abilities. Together they locate Kuo trapped in a facility where she has been infused with ice-based abilities. Cole frees her but inadvertently unleashes an army of mercenaries whom also imbued with ice-powers.
Cole and the team plan to stop a plague brought by the radiation from the Ray Sphere that turned Cole into a conduit, and obtaining new powers spanning into the element of ice, Cole (After brutally kicking the Beasts ass) used a device that would somehow cure the plague… then result in the end of all Conduit life.

Cole died along with 1000’s of other conduits full knowing it would save human life. Cole is a true hero, obviously capable of risking his own life for the good of others, and defeated a monster that would’ve ended up destroying the planet had his future self not gone to the past. While brash sometimes he always makes a good call, and will always try to help others no matter the cost. (Unless you’re his evil half, in which case, everything ends badly for everyone)

Alex Mercer:

Alex Mercer was born as Alexander J. Mercer and let’s Mercer’s childhood was not a happy one. His childhood was very brutal and cold as he lived in poverty. The first nine years he lived in foster care. When he turned 10, he finally reunited with his mother who was prison for 9 years. His life was very harsh but he has one person he truly cared about - his sister Dana.

Due to his rage and anger at his life and the situation he found himself in he had an great interest in fighting and martial arts mainly because he wanted to inflict his rage on others.

However, his intellect in science gave him the break he needed in order to move past his bad past but there was a problem - Alex wasn’t really a good person. He trusted no one, had no allies and didn’t care about what others thought by him. The only thing he cared about besides his sister was his work. By the time he was hired he was a was a borderline sociopath and it’s not like he didn’t know this. He knew he was one messed up eventually but did not give a damn.

After earning a doctorate degree in genetics at Columbia University, Mercer was hired by Gentek and soon became the main person behind Blacklight project at Gentek. The main task of the Blacklight Project was to engineer weaponized viruses from samples given to them by the government. Due to Mercer’s intelligence his team soon engineered a very powerful and potent virus codenamed "Blacklight". Due to Mercer’s intelligence and skill in altering genetic structures he became a very important asset to Gentek and he was deemed a genius.

Despite his successes, Alex Mercer was considered a potential liability by Blackwatch. Congress kept criticizing Gentek work believing it to be unethical and thus the government wanted to investigate it. Due to Blackwatch shady nature and the amount of unethical experiments they were doing Blackwatch decided to cover it all up. Mercer, due to being paranoid about Gentek and the Blacklight project created his own secret investigation on Gentek alongside his sister  Dana, an investigative reporter, Mercer realized that Gentek employees were being murdered by Blackwatch.

When he realized all the Gentek employees were going to be killed he fled not wanting to be be killed. Alex also smuggled a vial of the Blacklight virus and took it with him. He also gave Dana a laptop with classified documents to Dana.While attempting to escape by train, Mercer was cornered in Penn Station by Blackwatch agents.Due to his sociopathic nature in anger he threw the vial to the floor which let’s just say was a very bad idea as unleashing the virus created an , biological apocalypse. He was then killed by Blackwatch operatives. The virus began to spread to every human.

As he did he became infected by the virus. His body was taken back to Gentek in a body bag. Little did Gentek know that Alex wasn’t entirely dead.

Mercer woke up in a morgue having no recollection of his previous life and escaped. He soon discovered his new powers and found himself in Manhattan - now on the run from the military.Mercer decided to track down those responsible and consume them in order to uncover the truth behind his past.


Cole Macgrath:

In his Good Karma version, Cole is selfless individual who cares about the people around him and wants to use his powers in order to benefit the the citizens of Empire City and New Marais. He shows concern for the average citizen and tries to limit collateral damage when possible.

However, despite his selfless nature at first he was very quite reluctant to do what was right for the people due to the fact that the  Empire City citizens despise him for his actions in the incident that created the Conduits . Even when citizens eventually did give him support he shrugged it all off and thought they were , hypocrites out of their previous hatred toward him (thought he liked being treated like an hero)Not only that, Cole tends to think about the consequence of his actions and if it has lead to the people around him suffering, or led himself to suffer while he is helping people. He also worries with his own powers, when he thought that his powers may corrupt his mind someday. He retains a good relationship with most people he meets especially his best friend Zeke who he has one of the best bromances in gaming.  
As he commits more good deeds, however, Cole realized that using his power selflessly for others was a right thing to do, which he admitted to his alternate version Kessler before the final battle. Despite all the hardship throughout his life he eventually became a heroic figure who driven by a strong sense of morals at end of something that his alternate self Kessler failed to be. Lastly, he also determined not to give up over his decisions to fight the Beast even at the cose of his own life. In the end he sacrificed himself for the betterment of the world and became a true hero. Alex Mercer embraced the darkness while Cole MacGrath accepted the light - cheesy i know but that’s the truth.He was a true hero even in death.

Alex Mercer

Even before his transformation into a complete monster Alex was a cold sociopath with no empathy who didn’t unleash the virus for the good of people but simply out of pure spite due to what happened to him by the government.Due to his troubled past,he came out as a paranoid and sociopathic wreck who hid his darkness with his intelligence.He has a cold relationship towards his sister Dana, and is seemingly using her to fuel his own goals. He does not take Human lives into account and will kill without any hesitation.

While all of what i said is somewhat true it does not give the full picture as Alex despite his many faults  is not completely heartless as he seemed. He truly does trust and cares for his young sister and does love her to some extent, he deeply trusts and cares for his younger sister Dana, having been the only real paternal figure for her, before his death Alex was a contrast of what he became. He was positive, and full of life and often help his younger sister Dana despite his troubled past, though he doesn’t always show it he did love his sister despite his sociopathic tendencies and his love towards fighting.

Unfortunately the darkness inside took over and he walked the road of a villain. After being betrayed numerous times even by his own sister he decided to not fix his mistakes but rather create a new outbreak and create a new race that is superior to humanity and make a better world by doing so. Basically he’s like Apocalypse from the new movie. Despite becoming a full on villain with his megalomaniacal ambitions, he does have some traces of his humanity as he still does care for Dana somewhat as he has no desire to kill her. He is also sympathetic towards Heller he decided to comfort Heller about his wife and daughter.

All in all, Alex is a very damaged individual - he’s a tragic hero. Someone who lost his humanity and went down a dark path that eventually ended in his death.


Cole MacGrath
After getting his powers screwed up from fighting the Beast for the first time, Cole asked his best friend Zeke to make a device capable of channeling his electric powers, and uses it as a melee weapon. With it Cole is capable of ringing people sized object around the neck and flip them around with utter ease. It’s not clear how much this weapon can take before it gives out, but it survives being used as a bat against other Conduit’s, monsters, and various other creatures that are too strong compared with humans.

Alex Mercer:

Military Weaponry

While he prefers not using weapons, he has used weapons in the past and can use a M9 Beretta Pistol which is a standard military pistol that inflicts slow damage. He has also able to use an M4 Carbine Rifle which is effective towards infantry along with an M249 Machine Gun which can pierce armour as well as a Grenade Launcher which can one shot infected but his most deadly weapon besides one is the Javelin Launcher which is effective against most infected can using it Alex can even rocketjump Team Fortress 2 Style. But his most deadly form of military weaponry is that he can call down airstrikes by consuming commanders.

Quick Summary of Powers:
Cole MacGrath
Cole MacGrath's powers were born in the large explosion that was dubbed "The Blast" in the historic district in Empire City. Cole was a conduit and he gain electrokinesis as his main power Cole's body basically acts like a living battery that is able to store vast amounts of electrical power which Cole can Discharge storing vast amounts of power that Cole can discharge when he wants. He would later gain more power thanks to absorbing more electrical power and even gained the ability to control fire and ice.

Alex Mercer:

Due to being reanimated by the Blacklight virus, every particle of Alex's form, which also includes all of his clothing and equipment is now entirely comprised of biomass. For those who don’t know Biomass - Biomass is organic matter derived from those who are still living, or recently living organisms. Biomass can be used as a source of energy and it most often found in plants so basically Alex Mercer is a living breathing plant due to his entire body being comprised of Biomass.Alex can manipulate his own Biomass at will which basically turns him into a superpowered machine of death

Superhuman Attributes

Cole MacGrath

Due to being a Conduit his strength,speed and durability are much greater than any human and can dish out a lot of damage as well as tank quite a lot.

Superhuman Strength: While due to the nature of his abilities he often doesn’t rely on his strength he is still much stronger than the average person as he can easily lift a grown man with one hand with no effort and then throw that person with no effort. He can also damage armored enemies with ease as well as hurt monsters which are durable enough to tank bullets with ease. He is strong enough that he can lift a giant metal scaffold off of his friend as well as bench press a giant enemy (wut)

Superhuman Speed: Cole Macgrath is much faster than the eye can track as he is able to quickly disappear from a person’s sight without much effort. He can equal speeds of a speed training so as long as he has some rails to grind and can very easily outruns vehicles such as cars and drunks. Cole is also a bullet timer meanin he is able to react to bullets and dodge them with little to no trouble. He can even climb up large buildings in a few short seconds due to his fast movement speed and reaction time. His combat speed is as fast as lighting and for those who don’t know lighting is - A bolt of lightning can travel at speeds of 220,000 km/h (140,000 mph approx) which means at the very least his combat at the very least should be Subsonic since he has demonstrated that his attack as as quick as lighting numerous times throughout Infamous 1 and 2. Cole’s speed is certainly impressive as he is able to react to incoming attacks much faster than an average person. Due to Cole’s Parkour Skills he can traverse buildings with ease and get from one place to another with ease.

Superhuman Durability: Cole regularly takes bullets which do nothing to them and rockets which while they can hurt him if enough is fired at him he is able to tank a couple and while he may feel it he will keep on fighting One time a  point blank explosion from a rocket knocked him away, but barely fazed him and then he got back up with ease.Due to being a conduit he can survive blows that would very easily kill a normal person such as the time he  was crushed by a building before-  Alden's tower, which only stunned him, the impact barely annoying him.. Before even getting his powers of electromancy, Cole survived being run over by a freight truck and let me tell you as someone who also has an unlucky encounter with a freight truck that ain’t easy. That should have killed him but he recovered in a few short days. That durability was before he got his powers so at the very least his durability should be higher then a f. This means Cole is above that level Cole also survived the Ray Sphere Blast, which was capable of destroying six city blocks.While he is a conduit meaning he had some resistance to it he still tank a blast that is capable of destroying buildings with ease

Accelerated Healing: Cole has also gained an accelerated healing factor from the Blast, able to quickly heal any damage his body takes in, due to his body's natural ability to heal being greatly accelerated, through the stimulation of Cole's muscle tissues. Cole is resistant to most diseases except for the strongest ones, such as the extreme toxic gases. If he has enough electricity in his body he can heal damage within seconds. He can be shot with numerous rockets and gun and heal that in seconds so as long as he has electricity in his body. If he doesn’t have enough electricity in his body then he regenerates far slower than if he had electricity in his body.

Enhanced Vision: Due to his nature as a conduit he can see much further than an average person as he can fire at people who move faster than lighting as well as teleporting. Due to the fact he has Radar Vision which gives Cole the ability to keep track of his surroundings with a very wide distance. Using Radar Pulse he can see the geological location, electronic signals, height and water levels in the area as well as sense people,hidden enemies and items that Cole deems unnatural. Cole’s senses are so strong it even can detect hostile enemies that are preparing to attack Cole.

Superhuman Stamina: Cole can last much longer than an average person as he was able to fight foes days without rest or even needing to eat.

Alex Mercer:

Due to his body being made up of Biomass he is able to perform superhuman feats and is far stronger,faster and more durable than the average person

Superhuman Strength - Due to his increased strength he is able to destroy tanks with one to two shots with his Hammerfists which we will go into later as well as left over 80 tons. He is also able to easily lift vehicles with no problem at all as well as throw lift helicopters and tanks which are strong enough to tank rocket launchers  without really breaking a sweat.He can throw such cars from a long distance such as the time he once threw a taxi at a helicopter. Despite not being as trained as military trained humans he can very easily overpower them and cut through them like butter. He is strong enough to destroy a person’s entire body in one punch. He can even destroy body armor with me.One of his greatest feats of strength is that he can easily bypass through a reinforced 2 foot steel door. While his strength is not what makes him so powerful he is still extremely strong and is easily capable of killing someone through sheer strength.

Superhuman Speed: Due to the Blacklight Virus Alex's speed and agility are increased to superhuman levels. He can run fast enough to surpass cars even at his very weakest form. He can dodge bullets with ease.Due to his increased reaction time and his body being made out of biomass he can run,jump,flip through vehicles and debris with ease.He can also jump much higher than a average human as one time he managed to jump on top of a 10 stories building with one jump.He is also fast enough to keep up with an Uh-60 Blackhawk (which has a speed of 81.6 m/s. Keep in mind, this happened while he was weakened and going through traffic. This was also during his early days so this is nowhere near his maximum speed.Even while running he is fast enough to create sonic booms which is 332 m/s.

Superhuman Durability: Alex is extremely durable, this is mostly due to the fact that he no longer possess any weak bones or vital organs due to being made out of entirely biomass.This has allows him to tank attacks no normal human could take.If you try and shoot him - good luck as he is entirely bulletproof meaning that even if you shoot and him it won’t do a damn thing to stop him. Alex is completely unharmed if he falls from any height. He can able to tank rocket launchers and be completely fine afterwards. He even once tanked a point blank explosion that destroyed his entire apartment without a single scratch or injury. He once tanked a Thermobaric Explosion that completely kills and blows everything within the Base to kingdom come and turns into rubble and Mercer manages to tank it with no scratch of wounds. I know what you are thinking - how is that impressive, well while thermobarics does not produces as much explosive power as high explosives it lasts for much longer. Basically a Thermobaric Explosion is a small nuclear blast in its effects but here’s the thing. What makes it so deadly is the after effects as the blast is not what kills most human rather the pressure wave and the vacuum that is creates as consequence which ruptures the lungs.Victims will be severely burned from the inside out and all their internal organs would be destroyed from the inside for comparison Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY’s was likely burned from the inside out via Cinder’s arrow. Most people would be dead in seconds and yet Alex was able to tank it. Well that’s because he is a being entirely made of biomass meaning if you try and burn him from the inside out it won’t do a damn thing and ain’t even done. The most impressive durability feat is the time he survived a near point-blank nuke that is about at least 5 times Hiroshima as it is strong enough to destroy all of New York. While it’s true he was reduced to barely anything - he still lived thanks to a crow..His durability is truly frightening.

Regenerative Ability: One of the most scary aspects about Alex Mercer is his regenerative ability. Alex's body has almost Wolverine levels of regenerative ability. So long as he has biomass near him which is very easy to find since Biomass is in all living humans/animals, Alex can restore his physical form within seconds.After being riddled with bullet holes he was completely fine and regenerated without seconds. He once got shot point blank in the face which created a massive hole in his face and within seconds he was completely fine. But his greatest durability feat of all is the time he managed to recontrust he once managed to reconstruct his entire physical form from just piles of biomass and the biomass of a crow within minutes of being blown apart by a nuclear bomb that was strong enough to destroy New York. He even tanked a bomb that was designed to burn a foe from the inside out and yet was completely fine.He can even regenerate a small amount of himself even without biomass though in order to regenerate fully he needs biomass and if he has no biomass near by when a nuclear bomb goes off he is as good as dead.

Enhanced Vision: Alex's vision is enhanced, allowing him to see beyond the visible spectrum that a normal human can see. He has thermal vision which allows him to locate heat signatures so meaning he can easily track targets from long distance as well as an infected vision which can detect large concentrations of the Blacklight virus

Glide/Wall Running - Alex can run across buildings with ease with Wall Running as well as use Glide to travel between locations. He can even dash in the air which allows him to fight winged Infected with ease.

Robust Immune System: Alex seems to have a robust immune system.


High Resistance to high temperatures: Walked off a thermobaric explosion and was not affected by the heat of a Nuke.
HIgh Resistance to Radiation: Due to not being alive anymore, radiation does not effect him
High Resistance to Nuclear Fission: The Nuclear Aftermath from the Nuke didn’t really effect him much after he regenerated
HIgh Resistance to Physical Force: Due to having no organs and being made out of biomass
HIgh Resistance to Pressure points: Biomass body
Nigh Immunity to Telepathy: Resisted mind control from Elizabeth Greene. Has millions of shattered and chaotic minds inside him and still managed to find out despite this
Immunity to Soul Manipulation: He doesn't have a soul like gingers..kidding,kidding


Cole MacGrath

While Cole does not have the scientific smarts that Alex has he is a master of adapting in battle. Due to the fact he used to be a Bike Courier he would often have to think of his feat and that’s what Cole does best. When fighting he often looks at the situation and adapts himself in order to make sure he doesn’t die. Due to the fact he lived most of his life on the street he knows that sometimes it’s best to trick his foes and outsmart them rather than fighting them off. While he lacks on scientific smarts due to the fact he is a dropout he have received the memories and skills of others which means that at the very least he should be more intelligent than the average person due to his conduit powers and the fact he has received the skills and memories of others.

Alex Mercer:

As a human, Alex was a GENTEK scientist, got University and National level awards for his intelligence now thanks to the virus he now possesses the knowledge and memory of several thousands of people he consumed and if he connects himself with the Core Hivemind it gives him the ability to access the minds of millions of people. Due to the fact he has consumed high-rank military commanders and scientists on, he's got advanced knowledge on military proceedings and has extensive knowledge on science. Large battle experience against Infected and military.

Even before he was transformed, he was one of the head researchers at the "Gentek Biological Research Facility" and discovered the source of the virus so he had extreme intellect even at this point, he'd be considered a genius.Alex has absorbed thousands possibly Millions of people. He has absorbed the minds of some of surgeons,doctors,captains,head captains and privates including:

1st Lieutenant James Goodwin
Sergeant Joseph Sorenson
Dr. Ricardo Garcia
Captain Mac Marshall
Head Captain Elite Robert Cross

Alex’s intellgence far suprasses that of a normal person and has extensive knowledge in combat training thus making not a very powerful foe but also a calculating one who plans his next move and is easily capable of thinking a foe along with overpowering them.

Cole MacGrath

After surviving the blast from the Ray Sphere Cole was given the power of electrokinesis. Basic electric attacks can chain off conductive surfaces causing electricity to chain more damage onto foes.  In the first game after re-establishing circuits in underground transformers, Cole was given additional powers and abilities for his electrokinesis, giving him different variants of his electrical attacks.

Cole can shoot electricity out of his hands. It basically acts like a small lightning bolt.
Alpha Lighting Bolt -  Just a basic lightning bolt with really no added stat bonus. Has a high rate of fire and good accuracy, but lacks good range and damage.
Pincer Lighting Bolt - An  electrical attack that strikes a foe from 3 sides simultaneously. Each individual bolt has just about as much power as a standard Alpha bolt, but has 3 times the range but lacks a fast rate of fire
Artillery Bolt - Fires a bolt similar to the Alpha bolt but has a longer range and but has a short damage time
Magnum Bolt - An Magnum Bolt is a bolt of condensed lightning that hits like an actual thunderbolt meaning of it hits you - it’s going to hurt


Cole can drain more energy from nearby sources of electricity. He can also drain it from Humans using Bio-Leech. Due to it not being Karmically-locked, any version of Cole could use it. But the Good side would probably only use it against enemies

Electromagnetic Shockwave/Blasts

Cole can throw blasts of electrical energy. Using electromagnetic blasts he can redirect rockets, electrocute anything within range, lift cars, make enemies float. There are numerous different times of Electrical blasts Cole can use:
Alpha Blast - Cole produces a strong kinetic shockwave strong enough to send objects as big as cars flying into the air. The Alpha Blast can also be used to block projectiles
Sniper Blast - An extremely  long-range blast with a narrow area of effect. Has the longest range of any other blast in Cole’s arsenal.
Detonation Blast - A swirling ball of caged kinetic energy that sticks to whatever it hits, eventually exploding. Cole use the energy from the blast in order to jump much higher than before.
Graviton Blast - This blast lowers the gravity of anything it hits,which sends foes into the air

Electric Rocket Launchers/Megawatt Hammer:

Cole can throw electric orbs that is as powerful as an rocket launcher just with electricity. Electric Rocket Launchers have great range and travel at a very fast speed. They can also make enemies float in the air. The Electric Rocket Launchers can split into three homing sticky orbs.

Alpha Rocket - A huge condensed flying ball of kinetic energy that causes a large amount of destruction

Redirecting Rockets - Cole can redirect Rockets by firing a ball of electricity at them

Sticky Rocket - This rocket splits into 3 homing rockets once thrown and sticks onto an enemy acting like a sticky rocket but is more more destructive than a grenade

Electric Grenades:

Shock Grenade - These Grenades are very shocking don’t you know, huh,huh. Anyway Shock Grenades are electric grenades that shock the foe and restrain which you can follow up with a melee combo if you so choose to
Alpha Grenade - A much more powerful version of the Shock Grenade that releases an large amount of Kinetic Energy when it goes off.
Stalker Grenade - A DLC power that creates a grenade that homes in on the nearest enemy, and then explodes.
Electrocution Grenade - A Grenade that electrocutes the enemy before exploding
Sticky Grenade - A grenade that sticks onto enemies before exploding.
Cluster Grenade - The most destructive and powerful grenade that Cole can use.. This grenade splits into multiple grenades as soon as it is shot in the air. Cole throws a flurry of sticky grenades that makes it near impossible to miss without sticking onto something.

Misc Electric Powers:
These are the power that don’t fit it any other category of Cole’s moveset.
Radar Pulse:
Cole can emit a small electric pulse that allows him to sense nearby electricity. Since people have electricity within themselves, he can sense people. After finding John (Who is the Beast), John had given Cole the ability to see through people's bodies.

Induction Grinding:
Cole can grind on wires and train tracks as well as railroads.. This regenerates his health, and refills his energy supply.It makes for an very effective tool for mobility.

Thunder Drop:
Cole has the ability to manipulate the static electricity which forms around his body as he falls to the ground. This creates a shockwave that is so powerful it can flip and even  explode cars (But it depends on how high he falls).In the comics it has been shown that he could electrocute enemies instead of knocking them away

Psychic Vision:
After placing his hand near someone’s head, Cole can see that persons memories and somehow the future.No i am not kidding

Kinetic Pulse:
This gives Cole the power of electromagnetism and lifts anything from barrels to cars with little effort. This charges whatever Cole lifts and causes a small scale explosion to whatever Cole hits with the object he electromagnetically controls which is extremely powerful if there are cars nearby. This mainly works on metal.
Lighting Hook:

A long line of electro kinetic energy that works like a tether that pulls in objects such as humans and cars. It basically works as a GET OVER HERE!! Move
Lighting Tether:

This electrokinetic tether that pulls Cole into whatever he applies it to. Basically it’s like Spider-Man’s webbing but much more powerful.
Polarity Wall:
An electrically powered shield that can block gunfire but it has a secondary function - it converts the energy given off from the bullets into fuel for Cole’s powers which makes it both a defensive and refueling ability.


Allows Cole to focus his shots by sending electrical pulses his brain. It also allows him to slow down his perception of time so as to hit enemies from farther away. Even allows him to see bullets and react to them with ease.

Static Thrusters:

Cole can glide by releasing a stream of electricity from his hands.Cole’s Static Thrusters are so powerful they can escape the gravitational pull of the Beast's incinerating Black hole. They only got stronger as Infamous 1 and 2 went on

Arc Restraint:
Cole can restrain people and other conduits at their wrists and ankles using electricity in order to prevent them from moving

Healing Touch
Cole can use his powers like a shock pad in order to revive pedestrians. This is mainly used in good Karma form.

Overload Burst:
An attack that charges up and then channels electricity to his hands, then unleashes them as a large devastating bolt of electricity that can instant kill enemies and spreads an large amount of electricity in the surrounding area. It is easily one of the most powerful tools in his arsenal but it takes time to charge.

Gigawatt Blades:
Cole produces blades of condensed electrical energy that forms around Cole's hands and allows him to cut through just about anything.He once fought a conduit monster that was durable enough to survive an exploding building and using the Gigawatt blades he managed to cut him down with ease.

The most overpowered ability that Cole has.By activating Karmatic Overload it gives Cole unlimited energy for a short peroid of time meaning he can unload into the enemey but it uses up all of his Karma to do so it’s very powerful with a huge drawback.

Cryokinesis is the set of abilities featured in inFamous 2 that allows Cole to manipulate the element of ice as well as manipulate cold. It is originally seen as the genuine ability of Conduit Lucy Kuo who was experimented on, they replaced  her blood with a glowing blue substance. Her powers were then copied using the Power Transfer Device. Kuo's powers were then transferred into Cole MacGrath using the same device. As such Cole can use Cryokinetic abilities in numerous ways:

Frost Shield: Basically the same power as Polarity Shield expect more powerful as it absorb beams

Ice Launch: Cole propels himself high into the air by creating a stalagmite at his feet.This can be also used in the air to drop stalagmites onto unexpecting enemies

Freeze Rocket: Similar to Megawatt Hammer, Cole fires an enormous, condensed ball of sub-zero gas. This freezes foes rock solid.

Ice Grenade: Similar to Shock Grenade,but instead of shocking them it freezes them and creates a small amount of icicles.

Shatter Blast: Cole creates several ice spikes in front of him and then uses his blast to propel them at high speed in a large spread. These ice spikes travel at a very fast speed and can be very damaging. Hell a single shield is strong enough to destroy a shield. It can also reflect certain projectiles.

Ionic Powers:

In the second game, Cole was given “Ionic Powers” which were powers that could be saved within Ionic charges. Cole can have up to 3 Ionic charges at a time before they run out. More can be obtains if he keeps on killing enemies.

Ionic Storm/Lightning Storm

Cole uses a super powerful lightning attack (in the first game it was called Lightning Storm) where he can summon huge bolts of lightning from the sky but as a consequence it drains a lot of his energy. Cole has the ability to control the Lighting Storm and he can even use it to supercharge himself. In the second game Lightning storm was changed to Ionic Storm. In the first game it used up all of Cole’s electrical storage while in the sequel it only uses one charge and Cole’s electricity storage is kept the same. While Iconic Storm/Lightning Storm is easily Cole’s mosy powerful attack it can be also used in a different ways. Once Cole drained the sky of lightning to replenish his energy so basically if there is a lighting storm out Cole can infinitely spam Ionic Storm/Lightstorm and due to the fact he can summon storms he can have unlimited energy and spam Ionic Storm on the form. Truly Cole brings the thunder..huh,huh. Okay i will stop.

Ionic Vortex
The “First” Ionic ability Cole gets in the second game. Cole unleashes spiraling tornado that is powerful enough to lift cars and capable to destroying buildings with ease, if you are it’s range the chances that you will be teared to pieces from the tornado is very high.
Ionic Freeze
Cole generates a massive wave of jagged ice that instantly freezes everything in his path. He has some control over it as he can direct what target he wants to focus on when he unleashes the wave of ash and can also control the direction of the wave.

Alex Mercer:.

All Prototypes have the power of consumption. This is how Prototypes restore lost Biomass, as while they can regenerate without Biomass only by a little bit. Most foes, as long as they are at or near human-sized and not giant, can be consumed in order to heal Alex. When consuming a living, non-infected, human, the Prototypes have the ability to take on that form. Simply Alex can disguise himself as the person he just consumed. He can take on the consumed individual's appearance and can even imitate their voice at will which is perfect if he wants to evade the military and evade his foes.; In addition to absorbing biomass and the appearance of someone. Alex can absorb the memories,skills and abilities of the people they consume. Alex has absorbed hundreds of people during Prototype 1 and 2 and as such he has accumulated vast knowledge from all the people he has consumed.
Alex can view these memories through the Web of Intrigue which is a collection of memories Alex Mercer had collected from those he has consumed. He can very easily review these memories whenever he wanted. Mercer had a total of 131 memories of individuals which he believes are important so he decided to keep them.

Offensive Biomass Abilities:


Claws are Alex Mercer's most used ability. Alex changes his Biomass into 3-fingered appendages which if you look at them look remarkably similar to a Bird’s claws. This claws are strong enough to slice humans up with ease. They can cut Infected and Military officers  in half with one slice.

The Claws have multiple abilities that can use such as the:

Dashing Slice (Alex slides towards a target before delivering a large slash)

Groundspike ( The biomass from the Claws is forced into the ground and then they  erupt and impale a foe or a group of foes

Claw Pounce (Alex will jump at the enemy and ponche on them similar to a panther stalking its prey)

Alex uses the claws in order to deliver quick attacks towards the enemy. However, they lack in strength compared with his other offensive weapons with the exception of the groundspike.


When Alex uses this ability he grows a very long double ended blade all the way down his arm. It basically shifts the biomass of his arm into a blade. It’s the perfect jack of all trades weapon as while it’s not as quick as the claws nor as strong as some of his other weapons it'sS very useful in most if not all situations

The Blade has multiple abilities that it can use such as .

Blade Air Slice (Alex drops and then does an aerial slash. It is extremely powerful as it can destroy most infected in a single hit)
Blade Frenzy: Mercer unleashes a series of slashing attacks while he is standing. The upgrade version of this called Blade Sprint Frenzy allows him to do slashing attacks while sprinting. The upgrade form also does more damage
Blade Tornado: Mercer spins around with his Blade arm fully extended. Basically he becomes a tornado of death that slices up anyone that is near him as he spins around.
Alex can transform his arms into massive hammar live hands which are strong enough to crush stronger foes as well as destroy vehicles with ease. The only issue is that when Alex attacks with his hammerfists it is sllloooowwww meaning it’s best against stationary targets as most people will simply dodge it.

Musclemass is not necessarily a weapon, but rather it augments Alex’s strength to quite frankly absurd levels. Due to increasing his strength it also increases the damage done by Alex in close combat. Musclemass is so strong enough that it can tear through infantry in a second. If you are an infantry person and you get hit by it then let’s just say there will be nothing left for you.While in Biomass - Alex can tear apart Super Soldiers in half despite them having augmented speed and strength. A fully charged punch from Musclemass will literally split a human target in two.


The Whipfist is a long ranged weapon and is especially great against Helicopters as while in the air Alex can hijack them while staying in the air. While Whipfist is great for mobility it can also be used as a means for attack especially against large groups of enemies. Whipfest is a  razor sharp tentacle that can lash out and cut enemies in half with one slice. The Whipfist is also capable of cutting through crowds of enemies in seconds.


The Tendrils unleashed by Heller are strong enough to lift and tear apart cars and military vehicles as well as ensnare infected beasts. The tendrils are even strong enough to rip large groups of enemies to bits

Tendril Black Hole -  Mercer are capable of attaching Tendrils to a target, then sending out more Tendrils to pull objects around him towards his foe which increases a large explosion.

Biobomb is an organic explosive, which is implanted under the skin of the victim. After a brief period of time, tentacles force themselves from the infected subject and then the tentacles explode killing the victim instantly. They basically turn foes into grenades.As long as Alex can get his virus inside them the Biobomb is an instant kill.  

Defensive Biomass Abilities:

While Alex prefers to focus on pure offense rather than defense, he does have some defensive abilities that protect him against.


When using the Shield power, Alex channels a high amount of biomass into his left arm, which transforms it into a black shield made of a near impenetrable material. While the shield is able to protect him against most if not all attacks from the front it can’t block attacks from his sides or back. After the shield sustains enough damage, it will be unusable until the shield regenerates so it’s not an Ultimate Defense.


Alex’s Armor consists of plates of hardened biomass formed all around Alex, basically it acts like  armor.While in this form Alex is pretty immune to both light ranged fire and most melee attacks but missiles and tank shells will still hurt him. Armor while being very strong and protecting the user from a lot of attacks still has some downsides as it reduces Alex’s mobility as well as jump height and speed.

Other Biomass Powers:


Believe it or not Alex does have the power to evolve.It can energize his entire body and evolve it so that Alex becomes much stronger,powerful and faster then ever before:

Increased Strength: Increases his strength
Increased Durability: Increases Alex's overall damage soak,and durability
Increased Reaction: Increases Alex perception of time meaning he can react to attacks much quicker than he could before
Flash Step: Alex can move at lighting fast speeds fast. Using this he can even phase through attacks. Flash Step is so fast not even human eyes can drake it
Increased Speed: Increases his speed.
Increased Healing factor: Increases his healing speed and his biomass reserves meaning he is able to heal from damage a lot quicker.
Increased Destructive Capacity: Increases Alex's overall destructive power
Increased Adaptability: Increases the rate in which his body can adapt meaning he can adapt to incoming foes a lot faster than he normally can.
And that’s not even his final form, After his battle with Elizabeth Green - Alex absorbed all of her powers. Meaning that he gained the ability to transform... well prepare for a barf bag as Alex’s final transformation is not pretty. Like Elizabeth, Alex can surrounded herself with vast amounts of biomass, forming a large worm-like creature with three large tentacles protecting its core and welll looks like this:

Yeah..not much of a looker

Increased Strength: While in this form Alex can smash tanks to pieces in seconds and is strong enough to throw 70 into the air.
Increased Toughness: While in this form Alex can tank 120mm tank rounds, anti-tank missiles,Thermobarric rounds and these do barely any damage to her.
Energy Generation: Alex can generate homing green orbs from their body that seek out foes and targets and explode like a bomb.
Detonation Shock Wave: While in this form Alex can generate a shockwave that is so strong it can kill everyone in Times Square including tanks, helicopters flying overhead,infected

Believe it or not, Alex mercer can do this via two ways.
The first way is through Pustles Hives:
Alex is capable of taking a small piece of his biomass and put under the earth and let the pustules grow. Even though their growth time takes about from 3-7 minutes but once it is corrected it can produce Brawler Hunters and Juggernauts in seconds which basically gives hives him an army at his disposal but i ain’t even done. There is another way Alex can create infected.

Infector Creator Devastator:

Alex produces smoke that will turn anyone in range into an affected. Alex can control the Infected to do whatever he wants. Basically he’s a Hivemind. He can use various Infected in battle to help him including:
  • Basically your standard Zombie
  • More effective in groups
Hunters/Leader Hunters:
  • Strong enough to destroy tanks
  • Leader Hunters are stronger and faster then regular Hunters
  • Leader Hunters are fast enough to outrun Alex Mercer
Spiked Brawlers:
  • Master at tracking
  • Can fire projectiles
  • Has spikes all around their body
  • There are very fast airbound creatures and typically come in flocks. They are strong enough to take down helicopters.
-Giant Tentacles that hide under the ground and are slow but also extremely strong as they can rip tanks in half
  • These infected are extremely slow but they are also very tanky and basically work like damage sponges - soaking up lots of damage. They are so strong they can make the entire ground quake.
These Infected are huge, far bigger than a multistory building and can absolutely destroy any army you throw at it due to its size.
They are the most similar to humans and are very similar to Mercer but they lack his ability to glide. They are able to shapeshift and are extremely strong but not as strong as Mercer.
Area of Effect Attacks:
Alex can perform AOE attacks in order to hit multiple foes at once:
Groundshaker: Alex slams his fists into the ground creating a massive shockwave.
Groundshaker Drop: When Alex is in the air he can drop and slam his fists into the ground.Is more powerful and has a wide radius.
Knuckle Shockwave: Basically a quicker version of the Groundshaker. Clear out most if not all nearby enemies.

Devastator Attacks:

The Devastator attacks are basically Alex's super moves.They are extremely powerful and have  they inflict massive area damage and require an amount of Alex’s biomass which is health in order to use

There are six Devastator attacks in total - Three different attacks and an air version for each one.

Tendril Barrage Devastator:

Massive amounts of tendri erupts from within Alex's body that basically kills everything around him, then gives the biomass from the dead corpses back to Alex. It can kill multiple foes at once and is very good against organic enemies but weak against Metal and Body Armor. The Air version shoots out tendrils from his body while in the air.

Graveyard Spike Devastator:

Alex creates huge spikes from the ground that kill everything around him. The Graveyard is very good against armored targets, humans and infected but not effective against stronger biological enemies such as hunters. In the air version Alex pounds the ground from the air and creates huge spikes from the ground that impale everything around Alex. Faster than the normal Graveyard Spike Devastator

Critical Pain Devastator:

Alex fires a giant beam of biomass out of his arms. Has an extremely long range and but is extremely powerful as it destroys tanks and Leader Hunters in seconds.The Air version is much faster  than the normal Critical Pain Devastator.


Cole MacGrath

Though Cole is very skilled with his powers and has little weaknesses, if he touches water he will immediately get shocked and possibly die if he’s in the water for too long. He can run out electricity, and will have to drain the nearest electrical appliance in order to refill his energy (Though this can be countered with his Ionic Storm power). He is outside of grinding he lacks in the speed department and while he can easily react to incoming bullets and RPGs he has trouble with faster foes such as Kessler. Still despite his shortcomings Cole is powerful.

Alex Mercer:

While Alex is incredibly strong he has a few flaws - first in order to regenerate quickly he needs biomass (which acts as a food source to him) to keep his healing factor at a high speed (his regen is much much slower if he has  low biomass and if he has no biomass then he’s dead). He also posses a weakness to Electricity which can lock him in place but unless it’s a high enough voltage it won’t kill him. If too low on biomass he will be incapable of using his Evolved form.Plus he doesn’t do well in Water as being a plant he absorbs water and can easily drown.


Cole McGrath

Overall Feats:

  • When he had no powers, was run over by a freight truck and recovered in three days
  • Survived a 6 city block explosion and became one of the strongest conduits in existence
  • Easily got used to his powers and kept getting stronger and stronger
  • Took out the First Sons, an organization 100 years ahead of the current world, quite easily in the comics
  • Ended the Empire City Quarantine by defeating the Military and ending Moya's plan
  • Defeated his Alternate Future Self - Kessler
  • Defeated Cryomancer Kuo and The Beast
  • Frequently survive lethal and destructive things with minor injuries
  • Ended the Ray Sphere Plague and permanently killed the Beast saving the world in the process

Superhuman Strength:

  • He can easily lift a grown man with one hand with no effort and then throw that person with no effort.
  • He can also damage armored enemies with ease as well as hurt monsters which are durable enough to tank bullets with ease.
  • He is strong enough that he can lift a giant metal scaffold off of his friend as well
  • He once bench pressed a giant enemy
  • He is strong enough with Kinetic Pulse to lift Cars and other such objects with ease

Superhuman Durability:

  • Survived by being run over by a freight truck years ago when he had no powers, and only got stronger from that point on
  • With no powers, survived in a 6 City block explosion
  • Gets right up after a rocket launcher
  • Unharmed by a gigantic tower crashing on him
  • Survived bullet fire from a minigun without much damage, and toxic acid that easily destroys cars
  • Survived attacks from David who was destroying tanks with ease
  • Survived being crunched by the Beast, something that easily threw a giant statue over a few city blocks with one hand, when he was using two hands

Superhuman Speed:

  • Cole can equal speeds of a speed train so as long as he has some rails to grind
  • He can very  easily outruns vehicles such as cars and trucks.
  • Cole is able to react to bullets and dodge them with little to no trouble.
  • He can even climb up large buildings in a few short seconds
  • His combat speed is as fast as lighting and for those who don’t know lighting is - A bolt of lightning can travel at speeds of 220,000 km/h (140,000)
  • He can noticed bullets and move out of their range quicker then the bullet can hit him.

Alex Mercer

Overall Feats:

  • A powerful one-man army that could take on a full military army,
  • He managed to take down the  Blackwatch special forces that hunts down his kin
  • Has defeated multiple infected
  • Defeated Cross
  • Killed and consumed Elizabeth Greene, his predecessor
  • Destroyed the Supreme Hunter,
  • Saved New York from the nuclear bomb
  • Nearly caused the end of the world in his second game

Strength Feats:
  • Effortlessly cuts through armoured Blackwatch soldiers with his Claws with ease.
  • Uses Hammerfists to easily one shot tanks who are at the very least 70 tons.
  • Strong enough to flip a 70 ton tank with ease
  • His Tentacle Devastator is strong enough to one shots Helicopters, Tanks.Infected,Soldiers
  • One shots Hunter who are strong enough to tank rocket launchers with the Blade
  • Easily throws the Taxi at the Helicopter.
  • Mercer's punches are strong enough to damage rocket tanking Hunters.
  • Can completely obliterate the human body with one punch
  • Can completely destroy Super Soldiers who are more durable than the average person in a few hits.
  • Elbow dropped a tank and destroyed it
  • Managed to damage Elizabeth Green and eventually destory and then consume her.

Speed Feats:

  • Easily reacts and Blocks a Grenade Launcher.

  • Alex has been shown to be able to dodge constant barrages of odges a barrage of Assault rifle fire with ease

  • Dodges a barrage of helicopter bullets on snow which since it snow reduces his speed. Alex could outpace a pin-point sniper-rifle bullet and it’s not like he dodged it more he outran it.
  • Was able to react to Elisabeth Greene's Shockwave Devastator which is at very least Supersonic with a high speed of 6,900 m/s but this speed could be a lot higher.
  • Can easily vanish from a person’s sight in a few seconds since he is faster than the eye can track
  • Can move faster than highly trained soldiers can even perceive
  • Alex is much faster than Super Soldiers. These are the same   Super Soldiers who effortlessly react to Mach 2.5+ projectiles and since Mercer is far more powerful then him. He should at the very least be above Mach 2.5 in terms of reaction speed
  • Can run at least faster than a car and easily outpace it

Durability Feats:

  • Drops straight down from a building. When he lands on the ground he suffers no injury nor pain

  • Gets shot at with Assault Rifles and instantly regenerates and this was in his weakest form

  • Tanks a Rocket Launcher to the face and it only seemed to mildly annoy him

  • Gets shot to the chest while asleep and it doesn’t even care when he wakes up

  • Tanks a explosion point blank. The Explosion was so large that it destroyed his entire apartment. He got out without a single injury.

  • When he got sent flying towards the multiple walls he took basically no damage.
  • At the end of Prototype, Alex drops a bomb that was going to destroy Manhattan and gets caught in the blast, he was reduced to a pile of flesh and regenerated from a bird
  • But his greatest feat of all is the time tanks a Thermobaric Explosion that completely kills and blows everything in the army to pieces and Mercer survives it with no scratch nor wound and didn’t even care about it.
  • Gets shot and stabbed by Goliaths and Juggernauts despite these infected being strong enough to destroy buildings.


Cole MacGrath

Real Name: Cole MacGrath

Age: 26

Height: 6’0

Weight: 170lbs

Destructive Capability:Likely Town level, possibly City level (superior compatant to the Beast when fully charged)

Speed:  Faster than eye movement) with Supersonic combat speed (He is a bullet timer)

Durability: Multi-City Block level when using shields (His durability is as strong as his destructive capability)

  • Ionic Charges give him backup attacks when he’s out of energy
  • Ionic Storm can be fed off of AND be used as an attack at the same time which makes it hands down his most dangerous attack
  • Can reverse the pull of gravity on opponents with Graviton Blast which means if his foes tries to escape he can pull him towards you
  • Defeated a future version of himself who at the time wasn’t holding back who is as fast as lighting and can even teleport
  • Lightning is hotter than the heat any Nuke could ever hope to produce which means that he is as destructive as an Nuke
  • Can see memories/Psychic visions which means he has an high amount of experience
  • Ice is cold enough to freeze monsters solid
  • Karmic Overload ensures Cole a good few seconds of absolute destruction without the loss of his energy stock. Basically it allows him to wreck everything
  • Precision gives Cole extreme focus and makes time appear slower than normal meaning he can target specific weaknesses in a foe
  • Is a master at long range thanks to his electricity and ice attacks
  • Can run out of energy, becoming helpless until he drains a nearby electrical source so
  • Can get shocked by his own electricity when in water so the best way to kill him is dropping him in Water
  • Lacking in physical strength without the use of electricity
  • Is not nearly a ruthless as his evil counterpart
"‎I don't know if you've ever let someone down, got your ass kicked or straight up failed. But those are the moments that define us. They push you further than you've ever thought possible, and force you to make choices. No matter what the cost."

Alex Mercer:
Real Name: Alex Mercer
Age: Unknown (In his 30s)
Height: 5'9 (1.78 cm)
Weight: 78 kg (171 lb)
Destructive Capability: City Block level with Offensive Powers,Potentially City level (Biomass was enough to cover nearly all of Manhattan)

Speed: At least Subsonic, (casually outran UH-60 Blackhawk),| At least Hypersonic reactions (reacted to M-60 Grenade Launcher)

Durability:  Town level (managed to survive the point-blank explosion of a Nuke though he would have died without the crow),City level when fully evolved (Regen makes her very hard to kill).


  • He is a brutal close range combatant able to impale enemies at blinding speed
  • He can transform into other people he has consumed making him very difficult to track
  • He can evolve his own body to increase his own strength,speed and durability
  • Can summon other infected which he can control in order to have an army by his side
  • His durability is very good. He can be stabbed multiple times and not even feel it.He can also tank falling buildings
  • His Shield and Armor can protect him against most attacks though he has trouble with stronger attacks
  • He is extremely intelligent even before before being infected
  • He has absorbed thousands of people and due to this he experience far surpasses Coles
  • Due to consuming trained general's,officers. He is highly skilled in combat training and is more skilled then Cole
  • His Regeneration is absurd as long as he has biomass as he can regenerate from a nuke.
  • He is resistant to a lot of attacks.
  • His Devastators moves can obliterate anything that is near Alex


  • Ice can easily freeze Alex in place due to being part plant (guess what Cole has)
  • Electricity is Alex’s main weaknesses as it can lock him in place but if it’s not a high enough voltage it won’t kill him
  • Like Cole doesn’t do too well in Water
  • Needs Biomass in order to generate - if there are no biomass around him he’s pretty much done.
  • If he is low on biomass he can’t use his evolved form.

"One Virus, three weeks, millions dead...and I was there. My name is Alex Mercer, and my work is almost done."


The Gaming News Guy

Both Cole and Alex have been looked at so now it all comes down to the most important question of all “Who wins this DEATH BATTLE - Alex Mercer or Cole McGrath?". Well let’s look at it once piece at a time to truly determine the winner of this fight.

Short Range - When it come to DEATH BATTLE - close quarters combat is important so who is better at close range? Well this one should be fairly obvious - the one who wins in close range is obviously Alex Mercer. Alex Mercer’s specialization is close range and most of his moves rely on short range - his claws and blade are perfect for attacking a foe at close range and utterly destroying them plus his devastators while they give him more long ranged options are much better at a close range. While Cole does have some short ranged options with the AMP it is clear he is very much outclassed here.So point goes to Alex.

Long Range - Long Range is also extremely important in a fight, while charging at the enemy can work for some characters other characters it does not work quite as well. Sometimes it’s best to fire attacks at long range so who wins in this aspect - who is the better long ranged fighter. Well this one should be rather obvious. Cole far surpasses Alex Mercer when it comes to long ranged combat. Hell i would argue that Cole is at his best when he is hitting foes from a long distance. His electrical powers as well as ice based powers are specifically designed for hitting people at a long distance. So in long range Alex is simply outclassed by Cole.So point goes to Alex

Destructive Capability - In terms of destructive capacity which one is superior. While it may seem like Alex may have this due to the devastators that is incorrect as Cole is superior to Alex when it comes to destructive capability. Cole’s electrical powers have been calculated to be as strong as a nuke considering how much damage a full powered Cole brought.While Alex at his fullest potential is about Low City Level this is only after he has absorbed hundreds if not thousands of people to increase his own Biomass while Cole can very easily get to City Level DC. The Beast had a nuke got dropped on him and he survived which is at least City Level Durability and yet Cole at full power managed to damage him showing that his powers should at the very least rival a nuke in power and considering that Alex would have died from the nuke if not for the bird it’s clear in destructive capability Alex is not nearly as strong as Cole.

Durability/Regen - When it comes to durability and regeneration who wins. Well Alex obviously wins. Don’t get me wrong Cole is durable but Alex’s regen is far greater in cole. While Cole can very easily regenerate from bullet wounds. Alex has had his entire body shredded up and has his head blown off and yet he has regenerated in seconds. As long as he has biomass nearby he can regenerate any wound and heal himself up. That’s not to say Alex’s regenerative capability does not have limits as shown by the nuke but in terms of sheep durability and regeneration Cole is outclassed by Alex.

Speed both Alex and Cole are fairly equal so i am giving the point to both.

Now with the scores tied who wins this fight. While it may seem that these two combatants are evenly matched that’s incorrect. At the very end of the day the true winner of this matchup is Cole and let me explain why.

Alex Mercer is a juggernaut in his own right… he was severely limited by his own specialization.  Mercer is a complete monster at close range. With his strength, speed and his ability to shift his biomass into a variety of weapons he can take on an army and destroy multi city block level foes. It’s no wonder the entire military couldn’t take him down. But that being said, against someone like Cole, who – though he lacked Mercer’s speed and agility as well as his regeneration – was able to use his greater set of long range attacks to constantly keep Mercer from getting close which is a problem for someone like Alex who relies heavily on close ranged attacks.

Plus two of Mercer’s main weapons are Electric and Ice as both can keep Alex at bay while also stunning and freezing him place.Cole can very easily kill Mercer despite his durability with an electrical charge that is as strong as a nuke which Cole does have so as long as there is no Biomass anywhere.Ice can also be used to freeze Alex in place which Cole can then follow up with a giant electrical shock. Finally there’s one trump card - Ionic Storm. Cole can use Ionic Storm to not only discharge a large electrical shock at Alex but Cole can also absorb the Ionic Storm which fully charges him meaning even if he runs low on power he can use Ionic Storm to recharge himself. Alex’s Shields and Armor wouldn’t do that much good against a fan who has the destructive potential of a nuke. Eventually Cole would summon a thunderbolt from the sky that would completely disintegrate Alex. While Cole is screwed if he tries to fight up close his style of combat relies more on long range. Even with Alex’s intelligence - Cole’s street smarts would be able to adapt to any situation Alex puts him in.On top of that, Alex’ usual method of ambushing enemies would do no good against someone like Cole who can effective track him thanks to Radar Pulse which robs him of the chance to perform a sneak attack on Cole.

At the end of the day while Alex may have experience and regeneration on his side it simply is not enough to stop Cole.

Looks like Alex Mercer had a shocking defeat

The Winner is Cole MacGrath

Thank you all for reading this and this is:

This is The Gaming News Guy signing out