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Discussion: What I Would Like To See in Marvel VS Capcom 4



Recently there has been some rather interesting news related to Marvel vs Capcom and the potential for a Marvel vs Capcom 4 - now i am not one to believe every rumor i see but considering there are multiple sources that are saying that a Marvel vs Capcom 4, i am a huge fan of the Marvel vs Capcom Franchise and personally Marvel vs Capcom 2 is one of my favorite games so for fun let’s tackle what changes and characters i would like to see in this rumored characters:

New Characters:


Let’s get this one out of the way. Which new characters would i like to see in a brand new Marvel vs Capcom game? Well there are plenty of characters that i would love to see in Marvel vs Capcom 4 that just isn’t possible (Scrooge Mcduck….. :( ) but based on my own personal opinions and research these are the new characters i would like to see make it in. As for brand new characters from previous games. Well i will tackle that in another section.

Marvel - Black Panther:

Ladies and gentlemen, my most obvious pick for Marvel vs Capcom 4. It’s no secret that Marvel has been promoting Black Panther like mad and why wouldn’t they. He is getting a movie and he was very well received in Civil War. Marvel vs Capcom 4 is likely going to be coming out 2017-2018 which will be near Black Panther. It’s obvious that Black Panther should be in Marvel vs Capcom 4 but what about his moveset - well since due to Marvel Copyright Reasons it’s very likely that we won’t end up seeing the Mutants in Marvel vs Capcom 4 - as such i would like to see Black Panther have some close range claw likes attacks like Wolverine while incorporating the Rekka System in his Moveset. Basically every move that Black Panther makes can be comboed into another move afterwards. This could make him a very potent combo focused characters. Besides the Rekka system i would like to see him use more of his Adamantium Weapons he used in Earth’s Mightest Heroes (great show by the way) as well as incorporate acrobatics into his moveset like this scene:


So overall i think Black Panther could be a very fun character to have in Marvel vs Capcom 4.

Capcom - Mega Man X:


While it’s true we have had Classic Mega Man in Marvel vs Capcom before we have never had X in Marvel vs Capcom before so why not bring in the best version of Mega Man to the battle. In terms of moveset i could see hmm being a much more physical fighter compared to Mega Man. Don’t get me wrong Mega Man was a potent fighter due to his projectile game but with the stronger,faster and more durable Mega Man X i could see hmm having a very different moveset. He would be an extremely balanced character have a good combo game on both ground and air as well as having good attacks but be slightly more towards the projectile side while not being a complete projectile focused character like Classic Mega Man and Sir Arthur was. It was absolutely shameful that no version of Mega Man was in Marvel vs Capcom 3 so for Marvel vs Capcom 4 i think to make it up to us the Mega Man fans they should put in X into Marvel vs Capcom 4.


I would also like to see Zero return but if i had to choose between Zero and X, i personally would go with X.

Marvel - Star-Lord:


No way would Marvel leave a Guardians of the Galaxy Rep out of Marvel vs Capcom 4, that’s simply not going to happen so why not put the leader of Guardians in Marvel vs Capcom 4. Personally Star-Lord is my favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and i would love to see him in. As for how he would play - well he’s got an element gun that uses the four elements into his moveset. He could use all four elements in a projectile focused moveset - for example one of his attacked would fire a stream of fire like Chris’s Flamethrower Move. He could create a wall of water in order to stop projectiles. He could use wind blasts to blast people into the air and he could use the earth element to fire rock projectiles Doctor Doom style. If they want to go with a more MCU moveset they could incorporate more CQC moves while using his jet-pack and two pistols. Either way would work well. While i would love to have Rocket back i think Star-Lord would be the best option.

This needs to be his taunt:

Capcom - Demitri Maximoff.

The fact that best Darkstalkers character still hasn’t gotten a well deserved position in Marvel vs Capcom still continues to baffle me - i mean this guy already has the perfect moveset because he comes from a fighting game and he could be a very well rounded character but be much more aggressive compared to the more defensively focused Ryu. While i don’t think Midnight Bliss would be included in his moveset - Project X Zone showed that he can do fine without Midnight Bliss. Maybe he could have a Dante style transformation turning into his true form for extra damage and increased combo potential. I could see him being a great character for Newcomers that want an extra bit of challenge rather compared with the very basic Ryu and let’s be honest with ourselves - who wouldn’t want to use someone as cool looking as Demitri Maximoff.  I really like this guy both in play-style and character design and i would love to see this blood sucking vampire make it into Marvel vs Capcom 4’s Roster.


I could see him teaming up with the likes of Albert Wesker.

Marvel - Ant-Man:


Another MCU Hero - oh gee i wonder how many of those will show up, anyway while i am not so sure if the shrinking mechanic would work in Marvel vs Capcom 4 i could still see him potentially work as a very effective fighter in his own right. Thanks to the Ant-Man we got a bunch of potential abilities he could have - for example he has a couple of moves based around disabling his foes by sending an army of ants. For example he could use the electric ants to stun his foes and disable them. Plus he has those discs that could increase and shrink things. For example he could use the enlarging discs to incorporate small objects into his moveset such as toy trains and pots. There’s a lot you can do with a guy like him but at the same time there are some issues. But combine the Ants, with close range combat moves plus the enlarging discs i think you can have quite a quirky and creative moveset that focused on disabling his foes.

This could be a great idea for Ant-Man’s super move.

Capcom - Gene:


Of course Gene from God Hand was going to show up, it’s Gene from God Hand one of the characters from Capcom that they haven’t introduced that would be absolutely perfect for this game. Not only does he have a close combat fighting styles that relies on combos which is just perfect for a close range fighting game like the  Marvel vs Capcom series but the best thing about putting Gene is that his flamboyant and cocky fighting style would be so freaking simple that if Gene doesn’t make it into Marvel vs Capcom 4 i will be very annoyed. As for his moveset like Black Panther i think he could be a Rekka focused combining special moves into damaging combos complete with cheeky taunts to tap it all off. Gene was designed for Marvel vs Capcom 4 and God Hand is fantastic game - you can’t convince me otherwise. If you disagree with my choice - well put punched by my GOD HAND.

He needs to have a dance-off with Star-Lord.

Marvel - Black Widow:


You know what screw what Torrian says, Black Widow is awesome both in comics and her live action version. Considering Black Widow’s recent success in both solo comics and in the MCU i think it’s time to introduce her into the Marvel vs Capcom roster. As for her moveset..well you know about Jill in MVC3 with all of those tricky acrobatic moves and tricky aerial focused combos. Well that’s how i personally think Black Widow would play out in a fighting game - an aerial focused combo characters that could potentially have a very potent and tricky counter game using her CQC in battle to take down stronger foes with ease. Plus she has a bunch of gadgets and guns she could use in battle but personally i would rather have her be more like a Jill then a Chris. Black Widow is very recognizable so i see no issue with including her in the Marvel vs Capcom 4 Roster along with her buddy Hawkeye.


Black Widow certainly has sass and this Russian spy certainly has the looks that can kill.

Rashid - Capcom:


I will admit i am not the biggest fan of Street Fighter around but this guy is easily the best character they introduced in Street Fighter V and not only had the best personality out of the entire Street Fighter V Newcomers but also had the most interesting moveset both in playstyle and technical. Rashid is one of my favorite Street Fighter Characters due to his huge role in the story mode and his fighting style being Wind Based was extremely unique for the series. His moveset would incorporate extremely well to Marvel vs Capcom as he is an extremely potent aerial and rushdown character easily able to chain attacks and be a force of nature towards his foes. We are very likely going to get a new character from the Street Fighter Series in Marvel and while i know Necalli could be a potential combatant - personally i find him to be extremely boring and would be too similar to the likes of Wolverine. While i like the SFV Cast i think out of all of them Rashid is the best choice for Marvel vs Capcom. Let the Turbulent Wind get a shot in Marvel vs Capcom 4, Capcom.


He also hands down had the best theme in Street Fighter V and maybe one of the best themes in fighting games.

Marvel - Ultron:


I am not the biggest fan of Age of Ultron but i do admit in terms of a moveset i think Ultron is a lot better than Vision as there is a lot you could do with his moveset. Since Doctor Doom will likely not be appearing in MVC4 due to Marvel’s Copyright Bull i could see him being a very potential projectile and combo character like our favourite Doctor is. While he has lasers and flight like Iron Man he also has different kinds of projectiles as well as force-fields, barriers and nanites which can be used in all sorts of ways. In his strongest forms he is also a very potent combatant at close range easily able to pick and throw people around with ease with his physical strength. I can easily see him be a slow but very deadly at both close range and long range. Considering the amount of history that Ultron has - there is a lot you could do with his moveset so why not include one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe on the list that could be a very fun character to play as.

We can even have a Intro-Line where Mega Man X compared Ultron to Sigma.

And now we have the final combatant out of all the fighters i most want to see appear in Marvel vs Capcom 4. This one should be pretty obvious considering the amount of requests he gets but here he is..The Destroyer of Worlds - Asura.

Asura - Capcom:


Oh boy, if their is any character that deserves getting into Marvel vs Capcom 4 more than this guy - well they are wrong. Asura not only would make complete sense due to the over the top nature of Asura’s Wrath but his crazy over the top moves and attacks would fit perfectly with the Comic Book Style of Marvel vs Capcom. I could easily see him being a mix of a grappler type character and a physical powerhouse being slow but if he hits you..well it’s going to hurt. Plus they could very easily incorporate his transformations like Dante and Vergil gaining more power and strength. Asura is one of my personal favourite characters in video games due to his personality and just how fun Asura’s Wrath is. It’s like Dragon Ball Z turned into a game and with Asura would fit nicely with the rest of the Marvel vs Capcom Roster. If Akuma gets into the game i would also like to see some dialogue referencing the time the two of them fought in the DLC. Plus if we get Asura then please give as an Asura’s Wrath stage plus with the music. Maximilian and so many Asura Wrath’s fans would be so happy if this were to happen. So Capcom i implore you when you consider who could be in the new Marvel vs Capcom game - please for the love of god put Asura in the game.

Third Best Capcom character needs to have his epic punch clash with Gene. It would make me so very happy.

This is not every character i want to see appear in Marvel vs Capcom..just the ones i want to see make an appearance. Though characters like Falcon,Elektra,Luke Cage,Daredevil, Simon Blackquill,Leon Kennedy,Regalia from Dino Crisis, A Monster Hunter and maybe just maybe Scrooge (no) are characters i would very much like to see.


At launch i am predicting about 20-30 character roster. Personally this would be my roster (excluding Mutants and FF characters since they most likely won’t appear)



Captain America
Iron Man
Black Widow (New)
Star-Lord (New)
Black Panther (New)
Ultron (New)
Ant-Man (New)
Doctor Strange
Loki (New - Very Likely)
Captain Marvel (New - Very Likely)


Rashid (New)
Chris Redfield
Albert Wester
Vergil (Nerfed)
Morrigan Aensland
Demitri Maximoff (New)
Mega Man X (New)
Strider Hiryu
Phoenix Wright
Asura (New)
Gene (New)

Of course there is likely going to be plenty of DLC with new characters such as Nero,Leon and M.Bison but this in my opinion would be a good starting roster. But what about changes and mechanics to the game itself. Well i have two main things i would like to see changed in Marvel vs Capcom 4.

Change Number 1:

More Modes/Story Mode


I do really like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but it was lacking heavily in content compared to such fighters as Mortal Kombat X - Content has always been a problem in Capcom fighters especially with the recent Street Fighter V so personally they really need to change this in order to get casuals in - unique modes that change up how Marvel is played as well as plenty of unlockables. But the biggest mode in my opinion that they have to include is a story mode - considering it’s a crossover i would love to see story mode banter between the cast members.While i know more modes won’t be that important for the hardcore audience - for casuals like me it would be very cool.

Change Number 2:

Change to the Combat System:


Let’s be honest with ourselves - as much as i do really like UMVC3 it had a fair of problems mainly on the balancing side. In Tiers and Tourneys there were only a couple of characters that people used since they were so much better than the rest of the cast and there’s the whole issue of one combo and then you're dead.Honestly there are two very simple ways of fixing these problems. The first fix is balance test the game more and make sure that there are no characters who are so superior above the rest like Vergil is or uses patches to fixes any balances and problems players come across. I know some of the hardcore fighting community don’t like patches but in my personal opinion - patches would be extremely useful to prevent any extreme imbalance. As for the second issue well this is a very simply fix - simply decrease the damage of combos or introduce a combo breaker style systems that prevents extremely long combos that cause death. I have faith in Capcom that they can balance their game.



In conclusion, even if these rumors are fake - these are the changes and new characters i would like to see introduced into Marvel vs Capcom 4 should the game ever happen. If this is well received i might end up doing more of these in the future for certain games i would be extremely hyped. I am The Gaming News Guy and i am signing out.

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G1 Desk of DB: The Pokemon Multiverse Exists!?


The Gaming News Guy: Oh boy, we are getting Game Theory up in here and unlike Game Theory let’s talk about something that actually has some substance to it. When the impeding release of Sun and Moon and due to it being leaked - people are discussing plot spoilers relating to the game so i have decided to talk about one of the darker and more interesting aspects of the recent Pokemon games - The Pokemon Multiverse. This is something that has been hinting it since Diamond and Pearl but ORAS confirmed that there is not just one Pokemon Universe out there but also several. Sun/Moon though gives us the biggest evidence to the Pokemon Multiverse theory. I will also be talking about The Ultra Beasts Themselves as well as The Fallers and a certain dark theory that has come about thanks to hints from the Sun/Moon. Keep in mind there will be huge Sun/Moon Spoilers but for I am The Gaming News Guy and today we will be analyzing the Pokemon Multiverse as well as Ultra Beasts and theories regarding them on G1 Desk of DB.

What is the Multiverse?:

For those who don’t know about Multiverses basically the “Multiverse Theory” states that there are a possibly amount of different universes out there that we have not discovered yet. For example there could be an alternate version of me who is a stripper, or a singer, or the President of the United States. Multiverse Theory goes under the assumption that there is an infinite number of parallel universes out there that could be very different to ours. If you want a really good video explaining the Multiverse then i highly recommend that you watch Imaginary Axis’s guide to the DC Multiverse. Now how does the Multiverse apply to Pokemon you might be asking how does this apply to Pokemon. Well Pokemon actually has a canon multiverse to it.

Evidence to Pokemon Multiverse?

In Pokmeon ORAS,The Delta Episode reveals a considerable amount of information but one of theories that it confirms is the Multiverse. During a scene in ORAS you the player has to stop a asteroid from destroying all life on the planet. In order to prevent such a terrible thing from happening - the Mossdeep Space Centre plan on using Infinity Energy (roll with it) in order to teleport the meteor away so it doesn’t wreck the planet faster then Trump did. However one of the most important characters in Delta Episode - Zinnia disagrees with this plan because of a rather interesting reason. She claims that saving this planet could cause the worst tragedy for another universe”. This is what she says in ORAS:

My people know it. From generation to generation, we pass along the lore about the distortions in the world … And about the existence of another world, which we have long observed to be just like this one and yet not the same…

That’s right. A Hoenn region that’s almost exactly like this one we live in. Filled with Pokémon and people like us. A world where maybe the evolution of Pokémon took a slightly different path, where Mega Evolution is unknown… A world where that war 3,000 years ago…never happened. A world where the ultimate weapon was never even built. And in that Hoenn of that world… What would happen if one day, out of the blue, a meteoroid appeared? What would happen to the people of that world, without the technology to destroy the meteoroid or the power to warp it away?”

She is basically saying that if they teleport the meteor away then it could end up in another universe and wreck that universe as well. As for what universe she is referring to it could be the Gen 3-5 Verse, the Gen 1-2 Verse or a verse that has not been shown in the Pokemon Games.

There is even more evidence in ORAS that hints at it as post Delta Episode you can actually catch up with Team Magma or Aqua and Maxie/Archie. They wonder how things could have happened if it was the opposite way around:


Also in Gen 6 there is a Pokemon by the name of Hoopa who can travel through dimensions..we will get to it later. But the biggest evidence for a Pokemon Multiverse comes from Sun/Moon as turns out that the Ultra Beasts come from a very different dimension from ours are basically are Pokemon. There has been hints as far back as Platinum as technically the Dimensional World where the Giratina resides which is technically a different universe. The final and more conclusive evidence for a Pokemon Multiverse is that in Sun/Moon you can travel from the Sun and Moon Universes in order to get both legendary Pokemon. So now we have proven that a Pokemon Multiverse does indeed exist let’s chart this out based on evidence.

Mapping out the Pokemon Multiverse:

It has never been stated in canon where all the mainline Pokemon games fit in the timeline but there was a twitter comment that may have hinted at what the timeline of the Pokemon Games are:

This is nice and gives us a good starting off point but this is simply one theory - personally the theory i believe is this.

Classic Universe A:

Pokemon Red > Pokemon Crystal (Very likely PK Yellow is non canon)

Classic Universe B

Pokemon Blue > Pokemon Crystal (There is evidence to suggest that Pokemon Crystal are the true canonical versions)

New Verse A:

Pokemon Emerald (likely canonical version)  > Pokemon FireRed > Pokemon HeartGold > Pokemon Platinum (Is likely the canonical version) > Pokemon Black > Pokemon Black 2

New Verse B:

Pokemon Emerald > Pokemon LeafGreen > Pokemon SoulSliver > Pokemon Platinum > Pokemon White > Pokemon White 2

Mega Verse

Pokemon Omega Ruby > (Likely the events of Pokemon LG/FR,HG,SS/HG and W,W2/B,B2 took place - not counting DPP since that will get a remake) > X/Y > Sun/Moon

Sun/Moon have hinted that both Sun/Moon are canonical just happening in different universes so it’s easy to assume that this is the case with the other titles except for Emerald and Platinum.Keep in mind this is only for the Mainline Pokemon Games. Who knows where Pokemon Ranger, Collosuem and especially SMD take place but SMD is most likely it’s own universe so..

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Verse

Mystery Dungeon 1 > Mystery Dungeon: Explores of the Sky > Mystery Dungeon: GIT > Super Mystery Dungeon.

But what about the in between - what universes are in between the main universes that we have seen - well there are three distinct universes that we have seen in Pokemon that are shown in main games. One being the Distortion World (Which is the Universe where Giratina lives and likely exists in between the main verses where rules of space and time don’t apply) but the one i want to focus on today is the Ultra Dimension.

Differences in the Verses:

Like in the Multiverse Theory states not all verses are the same and that is certainly true for Pokemon.

Let’s first talk about the Classic Verses - well there is not much difference between Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue so there is nothing really much to talk about.

New Verse - Now we get to the interesting stuff in the New Verse A - first we have Pokemon Emerald (same in New Verse B) but it’s very likely that the events that lead to Dexyos arrival on Earth were very different from how they were in MegaVerse as it’s very likely the Meteor crash landed in the sea and over time created Birth Island, then LeafGreen (besides Pokemon not much difference) then things starting to diverge a bit as 3 years after LeafGreen/ FireRed the events of HeartGold/SoulSilver played out - in HeartGold the MC encountered Ho-Oh via going to the tower while in Soul Silver the MC encountered Lugia. Then we get Pokemon Platinum which like Emerald is likely the canon game for both verses.

The MC encountered Giratina and went through the Distortion World and saved the world from Team Galactic. Then we have 5th Gen which have the biggest differences between both verses - not only is there new areas depending on which version you play but also the plotline changes as N will get the opposite legendary. Now there are 2 main differences between The New Verse and the Megaverse - the first is there are no Fairy Type Pokemon in the New Verse - it’s highly likely they are exclusive to the Megaverse - also there are no Mega Evolutions in the New Verse i we are talking games. It’s likely the events of the past with AZ caused Mega Evolutions to happen. Also events from ORAS played out very differently from Pokemon Emerald sense of course - different verses, different plots.

As for the Megaverse well first in the timeline is ORAS considering the Battle Frontier hasn’t been build yet as well as the Royal Mansion - as for how long ago ORAS takes place when compared to X/Y and Sun/Moon who knows. Next we likely have X/Y before Sun/Moon though not too many years. Then finally with have Sun/Moon which is the most recent game as well as the most recent one in the timeline. It’s still likely the events of 1st Gen,2nd Gen,4th Gen and 5th Gen still happened but most likely altered like what happened with ORAS.  

And this is not even going into the sub verses. Still it’s certainly interesting how different the verses are between each other both in plotline and mechanics.

Ultra Dimension:

The Ultra Dimension is the home of the Ultra Beasts and one of the main plot points of Sun/Moon.The Aether Corporation was researching this new dimension until a scientist named Mohn was researching Ultra Wormholes tragically got sucked up by the wormholes - the only thing he left behind were his research notes and Cosmog. This has been stated by Gladeon who is Moh’s son as well as multiple Aether Research Employees:

“Gladion on his father's discovery: It was my father who started it. He was the one who first confirmed the existence of Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Beasts. But my father... He disappeared during an experiment. Trying to connect to an Ultra Wormhole. All that he left behind was a weakened Cosmog and his papers about Nihilego... Lusamine’s obsession with Ultra Wormholes... and her obsession with the Ultra Beasts... I think it was all basically her way of trying to reach him again. That’s what I had to believe. To get through it

Aether member respond on wormhole:”Th-th-that hole... Is that the Ultra Wormhole that Professor Mohn discovered?!”

Aether report:”Ultra Wormholes - Beyond the Ultra Wormholes that Professor Mohn discovered lies a different dimension.”

Prof Burnet quote:”There was a man named Mohn, who years ago published his theory about the Ultra Wormholes.”

Turns out that Mohn wasn’t quite dead yet and appeared in one of the new brand new features of the game Pokemon Plageo though he appears to have very little memory of what happened - He is known as a Faller (which we will get into later)

The Ultra Dimension not only connects to the Ultra World but allows people to travel to different dimensions either by choice or willingly - these people are known as Fallers.


The Fallers are defined as people who have successfully travelled from one dimension to another dimension and currently there are 2 very likely candidates for Fallers (one being Mohn) and one that had been confirmed to be a Faller.

The candidate that has been confirmed to be a Faller is a Annabelle

For those who don’t know Annabelle was one of the Frontier Brains in Pokemon Emerald - what happened was that she got sucked into a wormhole created by the Ultra Beasts and landed in the MegaVerse with no memories besides her name - she would later become a Ultra Beast Investigator and with the help of another potential candidate for a Fallen is studying the UB.

That other candidate being Looker:


Who based on what he says in ORAS is very likely to be a Faller since he woke up in ORAS with little/no memories and with Annabelle he is helping with studying Ultra Beasts.

What about other Fallers you may ask - well it has never been stated if the returning characters (Colress,Red,Green,Wally,Cynthia,Grimsley) are Fallers but i doubt it mainly because unlike Looker and Annabelle there is no evidence to support this theory.

The Fallers (people who have travelled to a different dimension) are also being targeting by the Ultra Beasts who are unsettling to say the least.Oh boy i have wanted to talk about this suckers for ages.

Ultra Beasts - What are they?

Ultra Beasts are basically Pokemon from another world (The Ultra Dimension) but they are very different from usual Pokemon - for example if you  try to throw a regular Poke Ball at one, the ball will have a difficult time recognizing the creature as a Pokemon so you can’t catch with normal balls.

But there are Beast Balls, which the Aether Foundation developed. They can capture Ultra Beasts but they are extremely rare.

The UBs surround themselves with an aura called the Beast Boost which is actually energy that flows within the Ultra Wormhole. When the UBs pass through the Ultra Wormhole, they are bathed in a great deal of this energy.

As for their goal - well first of all they are going after Fallers - those who have travelled to another universe like Annabelle and Looker - it’s likely that the Ultra Beasts are responsible for the creation of Fallers since when they go to another dimension they create wormhalls.

But one type of Ultra Beast had a much more sinister plan in mind.

UB01 Code name: "Symbiote ". Properly known as Nihilego would encounter a grieving scientist who desperately tried to use the research notes left by her husband Mohn in order to find a way to save him. She was so driven by her need to get her husband back she abandoned her son named Gladeon and her daughter named Lillie but one day the wormholes opened up and out came Nihilego. Fascinated by the creature and Ultra Beasts in general - this scientist already bad mental state after losing her husband got worse due to Nihilgo’s ability. It’s main ability parasitic capability though in nature it’s more of a symbiote. When Nihilego latches on to a host, it does not manipulate its actions directly.

Rather it awakens the host's own capabilities and boosts them to an extreme extent in order to protect itself. It injects the host with a sort of neurotoxin to achieve this effect. This neurotoxin of Nihilego's is incredibly stimulating and inspires feelings of extreme excitement and a lack of inhibition in its host. In other words, anything or anyone that a Nihilego latches on to will have its native skills forcibly activated to their fullest extent and will then act as it naturally desires to. It’s Type is Rock/Poison and i have conclusion - it’s the Drug Pokemon i mean come on it inspires feelings of mass excitement, injects a dangerous substance into a person and is controlling/manipulative.

In all seriousness Nihilego’s powers did not bode well for this female scientist and eventually it would become so bad that this scientist was driven to almost madness - believing that Ultra Beasts and Pokemon were the only true beauty and decided to freeze Pokemon in cryo just because she believed that was more beautiful and hatched a plan to use Cosmog (who is a UB) in order to create a world where she and the Ultra Beasts could live in peace - this female scientist is known as Lusamine

Lusamine and Nihilgeo worked together in order to achieve their goals but it’s likely Nihilego was just using Lusamine to further Ultra Beasts true goal - which is conquering other dimensions and killing any beings that have travelled through dimensions which is why they go after Fallers. The final noteworthy thing about Nihilgeo is that it’s the only Pokemon outside of manga that can actually fuse with a human as Lusamine decides to fuse and becomes

Well that’s certainly creative - she basically becomes an eldritch abomination with one of the most difficult villain fights in the series because all of her Pokemon are Totem Pokemon. Eventually she is defeat and with the Legendary Pokemon’s help she is reverted back to human form and Nihilgeo flies off. Though sadly her is suffering from illness thanks to the effects of Nihilgeo. Now since we have talked about the most important Ultra Beast here are some info on the others:


UB-02. Code name: "Absorption". Properly known as Buzzwole. This UB was sighted for the first time following the incidents at Aether Foundation. Its most distinctive feature is its skill to strengthen itself. Buzzwole is able to absorb energy and then achieve a chemical reaction between the energy it has absorbed and its own body fluids. As a result, Buzzwole's body swells to an almost explosive extent. Its muscles bulge and are so thick and dense that they are stronger even than steel. Both its Attack and Defense experience a clear leap in power. It also displays a habit of striking a pose each time that it takes any sort of action... It is thought this might serve as a method of communication, but it is not well understood.

UB-02. Code name: "Beauty". Properly known as Pheromosa. This UB was sighted for the first time following the incidents at Aether Foundation. This UB can reach speeds exceeding 120 mph in just an instant. This speed is greater than any other living creature that has been discovered to date. But its most distinctive features may in fact be its beauty and its powerful pheromones. Most any creature that squares off against a Pheromosa becomes confused, as if struck by the beast's beauty, and loses the will to fight. It is still a subject of research, but it's thought that Pheromosa may possess some sort of organ able to produce a pheromonal substance previously unknown to science.


UB-03. Code name: "Lighting". Properly known as Xurkitree. This UB was sighted for the first time following the incidents at Aether Foundation. Its most distinctive feature is an organ that can generate power. This UB's bodily makeup is highly reminiscent of electric wiring, thus enabling it to conduct electricity with great efficiency. It can discharge as much as a million volts of power at a time. When it begins to run out of power, it stabs its legs and tail into the soil, entering a treelike state as it absorbs electricity from the ground.

UB-04. Code name: "Blade". Properly known as Kartana. This UB was sighted for the first time following the incidents at Aether Foundation. Its most distinctive feature is its thin and razor- sharp body, of which every edge has as cruel a cutting edge as any well-honed blade. The edges on its arms are particularly in a class of their own. Any opponent who tries to attack it will be cut down with a single strike of its blades. Its thin body also allows it to evade attacks by dancing lightly out of the way. This is a very dangerous creature, considering its excellent offensive and defensive capabilities, but due to the nature of its body, it is also highly vulnerable to fire and moisture.

UB-04. Code name: "Blaster". Properly known as Celesteela. This UB was sighted for the first time following the incidents at Aether Foundation. Its most distinctive feature is the energy that it stores within itself, a flammable gas that it can shoot from its two huge arms. This is mostly used to propel itself in flight and for battle, but it is thought to have sufficient power and lift to even fly into space. Its bodily construction closely resembles that of a plant, and it absorbs nutrients from the soil.

UB-05. Code name: "Glutton". Properly known as Guzzlord. This UB has been sighted in the Alola region in the past as well, according to our reports. It seems it was targeted by the International Police in a top-secret mission at that time. Its most distinctive feature is its limitless appetite. It feeds without pause every moment that it is awake. It uses the two large tongues that protrude from its mouth to catch and devour everything in its path, be it organic or inorganic matter. And while it eats such an inordinate amount, Guzzlord excreta has never been discovered. It is thought that it might fully convert the things that it eats into energy for it to use.

So those are the Ultra Beasts - we know what their motive is - conquering other dimensions and creating a dimension for their own as well as killing everyone who has crossed the dimensions but there is something that personally bothers me. If Annabelle comes from the other dimension and wormholes started to appear then wouldn’t that mean that the Ultra Beasts appeared in the Old Verse well.

Theory Time: What Happened to the Old Verse?

Well we know that wormholes starting to appear in the old verse and when wormholes appear Ultra Beasts will appear so the Ultra Beast must have showed up in the old verse at some point. The Ultra Beasts are extremely powerful beings and if there were enough of them (which based on Sun/Moon they are many Ultra Beasts) they could easily conquer the planet but wait you ask what about the legendaries? Wouldn’t they be able to stop the UB. While that is true i have my own theory regarding that

Evidence - Hoopa

For those who don’t know Hoopa is a Pokemon that is able to create portals as well as cross over between dimensions and can create pocket universes. In ORAS thanks to Hoopa you encounter the legendary Pokemon and now i ask one question - where did Hoopa get those legendaries from. It is never explained in ORAS but i have a theory regarding that. I think Hoopa knew that the UB could be a very dangerous threat to the legendaries and hid all the legendaries in their own pocket dimensions which the MC in ORAS would come across. As for what happened to the old verse well simply without the Legendaries to stop the UB and thanks to their unique abilities the old world was thrown into chaos. If you want an adapt comparison i would compare it to the final cutscene in Final Fantasy 14 - basically the world is fucked. This also makes sense if you keep into consideration that the UB are going after people who have crossed over from that world over to the MegaVerse. They want to erase all life from all verses. A couple of Ultra Beasts aren’t too tough but an entire army..well that becomes a problem. This is all theory - nothing has been confirmed but it would be extremely interesting if that was the case.


Wow, we have talked about a lot here - from my own personal theory to Multiverses, to Fallers and the Ultra Beasts. I haven’t even talked all the concepts from Sun/Moon yet. Sun/Moon have taken the franchise in an darker and more interesting and complicated direction with the introduction of the Multiverses and Dimensions. It’s clear that everything from X/Y,ORAS and Sun/Moon is building up to something big. I doubt the Ultra Beasts are a one off thing. As for what’s next for the franchise well i think we will get a Sun/Moon Sequel along with a Diamond and Pearl Remake. As for me..well there is one more thing that i need to tackle that will get its own separate blog - the brand new Dex Entries and believe you me there are some very interesting ones.